SMD = Small market dominance… Cleveland Ready to rule?

This is a hopeful fans opinions;

This has been one of the busiest and most productive off seasons on Lake Erie in recent memory. Could it be possible that by 2014 the Cleveland Indians could be in a pennant race; the Cavs could be trying to put together a deal to bring LeBron James back to play with Kyrie; and the Browns could be in the post season?

I’ll break down, team by team, what I think is good and bad about this off season and our teams going into 2013.



We didn’t sign Manny Act’s cousin as our coach, we went out and got the best coach available (thank you for the instant free agent pull Terry). There is no doubt the reason we just landed two of the biggest free agents we have had in Cleveland since 1997 was because of Tito.  Micheal Bourne and Nick Swisher just instantly made our on base percentage better before opening day.  This is the best starting line up we have had since the late 90s and I believe it is only going to get better.


The pitching situation is much like the browns QB situation; QUESTIONABLE. I do think it will improve and be at least an average bullpen by the end of 2013 which with our starting line up means we will win games.




Think about our offense last year for a second. Our #1 WR Josh Gordon came on strong after the 5th week. He is a rookie who was the #2 WR at Baylor and didn’t play football for a year. Our #2 WR is still raw in his second year and hand stone hands for most of 2012. We rounded that out with a talented but injured rookie running back and another rookie WR. We started a rookie 29 year old QB and we paired him with Pat Shurmur running a 1980’s style west coast offense. Shurmur decided to keep a guy who was most comfortable in the Shotgun out of it. Out of all NFL quarterbacks, Weeden was in the shotgun less than anyone other than Matt Schaub. THIS TEAM CAN ONLY BETTER WITH EXPERIENCE.

With Norv Turner we bring in an offensive coach in with 29 years of experience and he is running the digits system which fits our city.  If you like the 3-4 defense or not Ray Horton was arguably the best DC in football last year and we landed him. Rob Chudziniski is a young, inventive, inspired, homegrown offensive Head Coach, which makes him a perfect fit for an instant improvement on both sides of the ball.


We need a terrific draft which I’m not confident Michael Lombardi can produce. We have to land a CB, DE, OLB and Veteran WR and then we have got to find a developmental QB that can fit our city and system.

My opinion is Brandon Weeden is our QB for 2013 ( I actually think for the next 4-5 years) and we draft Tyler Bray or Wilson to develop. I think he will have his ups and downs, but Trent Richardson will have a great year (over 1400 yards and 12 tds) and we pull out a 9-7 record with a shot at a wild card spot.


I don’t have a good and bad right now. Kyrie Irving is a superstar, Waiters will be good but I do not see much else on the court. LeBron James coming back to Cleveland instantly puts us as a top three team in the NBA, let’s see what happens.


comment back and tell us what you think our records will be.


On The Browns Interest In Alex Smith

49ers testing Browns’ interest in Alex Smith – AFC North Blog – ESPN.


The rumors have been floating for several months now, and we’ve all probably gotten a little tired of hearing them.  Alex Smith to the Browns.  As it appears that the speculations and rumors are turning into a testing of the waters, lets break down the pro’s and cons of this possible move.

Pro:  Alex Smith is a better starting Quarterback right now than anyone on the Browns roster.

Yes, sorry Weeden junkies, Alex Smith is better.  He’s proven that, and I don’t think we need to keep debating it, because its an accepted fact in the NFL.  Alex Smith is more productive, has more experience, has more years left in the league, and knows how to run an offense.  Period.  He would be an immediate upgrade over Weeden and McCoy.

Con:  The 49ers have elected to not release him, and will only accept a trade involving draft picks.

Granted, I really would like to see Smith start for us over Weeden, but I’m loathe to give up draft picks, ever.  If it was a player swap, cool, but man I hate seeing us lose valuable young potential.  While we know what we’re getting with Smith and don’t know how draft picks will turn out, it still bugs me.

Pro:  Smith brings experience and respectability to the offense.

The experience part is self explanatory, he has 7 years of NFL experience to Weeden’s 1.  The respectability comes in that Smith is a proven NFL starting quarterback. Sure, he lost his job in San Francisco, but that’s really not a slight on him so much as its a compliment to Kaepernick.  Smith was having his best NFL season prior to getting benched, and putting up very good numbers.  Statistically, he was poised to finish as a top 10 quarterback by seasons end.

Con:  Alex Smith has a ceiling, and he’s reached it.

Look, you’re not going to get many surprises from Smith.  He’s pretty much peaked.  He’s not an elite NFL passer, and isn’t going to be.  So, if the logic that you need an elite QB to win a championship is fact, then we won’t get there with Smith.  He’s going to be a good, Chad Pennington type starter for most of his career.  A good, not great, quarterback.

Pro:  Alex Smith is still a good working Quarterback.  And Smart.

Look, just because he’s not elite doesn’t mean he’s not good.  In fact, he’s very good.  He’s developed into being better than at least half of the quarterbacks in the NFL.  That’s really not that bad.  Its better than anything we’ve had in Cleveland since I’ve been alive honestly.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  He doesn’t turn the ball over.  Sure, he’s cautious, but so what?  I’d rather a guy take an in-completion or check down than throw a pick six.  And again, be realistic Browns fans.  Don’t be that unemployed, sloppy fat guy who keeps telling yourself you’re going to land a ten.  We’re not, at least not until we show we can be a viable franchise in the NFL.  Smith could get us over that hump.  He’s not a ten, but he’s probably a seven, and that’s damn sure better than what we have, have had, or probably could land at this point.  So be realistic.  Be reasonable.  Don’t be that guy.


On Chip Kelly Claiming No Interest In Browns Job

Cleveland Browns, Chip Kelly were never close to agreement, Kelly says: Browns Insider |


I think Chip Kelly is a snake, and he’s either lying, or he was very manipulative/misleading in his apparent courtship with the Browns.  Its one thing to clear up rumors that didn’t have much foundation in fact, but Chip Kelly spent a lot of time talking to the Browns, and his camp leaked it that he was close to signing a contract at the dinner that he never showed up to.  Now, either he really was close to signing up to be the Browns Head Coach, or he was using that rumor to get a better deal from Oregon/Philly, but either way he gave very clear signs and spoken words to indicate that he had a strong interest in taking the job in Cleveland.  Now for him to come out, for no clear reason, and speak on the subject as if it was Philadelphia for him from the start either makes him look like a liar or a manipulator.  Why spend an entire afternoon/evening talking with Haslem and Banner if you weren’t ever seriously considering the job?  Why let it leak that you were set to have a dinner, with lawyers and agents present, presumably to sign a contract?  Either you were close, and the Browns actually decided against signing you, or you were trying to play everyone involved.  Either way, I think Chip has shown himself to be far too flip-floppy and sneaky for my taste.  Good riddance.


When do we play the Eagles again?

Report: Greg Oden to put off signing deal until this summer | ProBasketballTalk

Report: Greg Oden to put off signing deal until this summer | ProBasketballTalk.


I still really don’t think Oden would be much help, but if he’s cheap enough, go for it I guess.  Looks like he wants to play in Cleveland over the alternatives.  He can be really good if he’s healthy.

How a harsh critic of LeBron James came to terms with his possible Cleveland Cavaliers return: Bill Livingston |

How a harsh critic of LeBron James came to terms with his possible Cleveland Cavaliers return: Bill Livingston |


I really appreciate the sentiment in this article.  I hold a grudge, typically indefinitely, maybe in part due to my Irish ancestry.  Either way, the possibility of pairing Kyrie with Lebron is extremely exciting.  That duo, with the young core the Cavs have built with Waiters, Thompson and Zeller, could be a legitimate power in the East.  Here’s hoping…

Trade Rumors: Browns considering Matt Moore

While I am in favor of upgrading from Brandon Weeden, I don’t think Matt Moore is the answer. He’s definitely more suited to be a backup QB in this league. Sorry Matt.