Debate: Wes Welker vs Mike Wallace, Who Do You Sign?

Okay Browns fans, here’s your chance to voice your opinion.  Wes Welker or Mike Wallace, who should the Browns try and sign, and why?


Shawn’s Rants – Why The Browns Should Avoid Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace Would Be Huge Coup for Cleveland Browns in Free Agency | Bleacher Report.


A lot of commentators and fans are super excited and hopeful that the Browns grab up Mike Wallace in Free Agency.  After giving it some thought, I’ve got to go ahead and go against the grain on this one.  First, Mike Wallace is asking for a whole lot more money than he’s really worth.  He’s a boom or bust type of guy, and is either going to be a monster, or an enormous failure.  I really don’t see a consistent, productive type of receiver here.  Second, he’s kind of a jackass.  Every time I’ve heard him open his mouth, I want to shove a brick in it.  He’s got that douchebag, primadonna personality that all the exceptionally-athletic-yet-never-live-up-to-their-own-hype wide receiver’s have.  I can’t stand that.  Guys like that never give you the numbers to justify the damage they inflict on a teams image and, more importantly, in the locker room.  Third, I’ll admit that I love the idea of using Wallace against the Steelers, as I’m sure that geriatric ward excuse for a secondary will have no answer for him, but that should not be what decides it.  It does not make sense financially (unless he can be had for cheaper than I’m expecting), and it does not make sense for the kind of organization I’m hoping we want to build here.  So please, Mr. Banner, spare us the drama of T.O. lite.

Could Mike Wallace end up with Cleveland Browns? –

Could Mike Wallace end up with Cleveland Browns? –


To be perfectly honest, I don’t love Wallace.  He dropped a lot of passes last year, has a big ego and has not been a great player off the field.  But, who doesn’t love the chance to stick it to the Steelers?