Enough Is Enough. I Have Had It With This MotherF***in’ Weeden On My MotherF***in’ Browns.

Much like our friend Samuel L. Jackson up there, I too have reached my limit.  I have had enough, I’ve seen enough, and I’m ready to lose my cool.  I’m going to break it down for you, as calmly as I can.
The Browns have two active Quarterbacks currently on their roster, Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.  Up to this point, the Browns have stood behind Weeden in spite of his complete and total failure as an NFL quarterback.  So, when people question my desire to see Weeden benched and eventually cut, I like to pull out the numbers.  If you don’t trust what your eyes are telling you (and your eyes should be seeing Weeden playing unquestionably terrible football, unless you’ve been watching the wrong games thus far), trust the numbers.  They will rarely mislead you.

Brandon Weeden’s Career Numbers:

400 712 56.2 4,539 6.38 19 71 23 6 26.4 70.9

Jason Campbell’s Career Numbers:

1,329 2,186 60.8 14,688 6.72 76 84 52 34 47.5 82.4

Considerably higher completion percentage.  Better average yard per throw.  Infinitely better TD-INT ratio.  Better QBR and Rating.  It’s not even close is the thing.  The other thing is that Campbell is 2 years older than Weeden, but has an extra 7 years of NFL experience.  When they’re on the field, Campbell looks like an NFL quarterback should look.  Weeden doesn’t look the part.  Weeden looks like someone who got asked to step in at quarterback for a day with no experience and no practice.

This face.

This face.


Shockingly not terrified.

Shockingly not terrified.


I hear ya, how does their face in the pocket matter?  Well, it does to the team.  The quarterback in the NFL has got to be a leader.  They have to be someone the team can look at when time gets tough and believe that the man staring back at them can hold it together, for themselves and the team.  Weeden has been exposed time and time again as a guy who’s just afraid.  Afraid to make throws, afraid to turn his head, afraid to move from the pocket.  The team knows this.  It’s why they need to ask him to trust them.  A receiver should not be asking a QB for trust, not in the way the team has been publicly calling on Weeden to hand the keys over to them.  

I get it.  I’ve been rough on Weeden.  I’ve called for him to be replaced here, and here, and called for him to be benched here, and then talked about why I hate him here, all over the course of about 10 months.  But, without me being too cocky, can we just all admit that I’ve been right all along?  Yes?  Good, now lets move forward together, in a NoWeeden Cleveland.  This team could compete, still, if they have a serviceable quarterback.  I don’t know with 100% certainty that that guy is Jason Campbell, but I do feel a lot better about his odds than I do Weeden’s.  At the end of the day, I’m just a Browns fan.  A Browns fan, who, like Samuel L. said, has HAD IT.  I have had enough of this motherf***in Weeden messing up what I feel could be a good team.  Its time to get the snakes off our plane.


The Best… And Worst… Time Of The Year

As the Super Bowl approaches tomorrow, I can’t help but think of the implications of this weekend.  I don’t mean the outcome of the game or anything of historical significance.  No, quite simply, tomorrow is both the best and worst day for every football fan.  The best, because this game is what we’ve been building up to for weeks, if not all season.  This game is so much fun to watch, to enjoy.  The food, the drinks, the atmosphere this one event creates.  It’s great.  It’s immensely enjoyable, as anyone who’s been apart of it can tell you.

There is however, a big of a grey cloud that hangs over this glorious occasion.  That is, of course, knowing that when that final whistle blows, the NFL season is officially done, and we get no more real football until the end of summer.  That’s rough.  Almost half a year to sit and wonder if your team is going to be able to improve (unless you happen to be a fan of the team that won the Super Bowl, in which case you get to celebrate a bit), or if you’re a Browns fan, you get to start the long process of talking yourself in to hoping for next season. 

The NFL offseason is an interesting thing.  Football is our nations biggest sport, so the good news is that even though the season ends, football has a way of sticking around throughout the year.  Shortly after the Super Bowl, we get to the draft and free agency.  Draft coverage and speculation is intense and ever present, and the draft itself is a really fun even to watch play out (as long as your team doesn’t obviously blow it by drafting a clearly bad option, *cough* Weeden *cough*).  Things die out a bit over the summer, but in August we get in to camps and finally those awful preseason games.  But, even if preseason football is both awful and generally gives a terribly deceptive peek at teams actual playing ability, it does have fun story lines (QB competitions every season if you’re a Browns fan).  Also, you know that in a few short weeks, the regular season will return and give Sundays meaning again.  Oh, I mean, church is cool on Sundays too. 

Anyhow, fear not Browns fans.  Enjoy this game.  Send wave after wave of negative thoughts and woeful energy at the hated Ravens.  Hope for Ray Lewis to grow an 8 point rack at halftime, Joe Flaccid to throw 9 picks and no TDs, and Ray Rice to stub his big toe (I really hate when that happens).  Because if the Ravens lose this game, they’ll have to stew in that disappointment all offseason.  Couple that with us keeping fArt Modell out of the Hall of Fame again, and it’s not a bad end to the season for Browns fans.

And, next season is only a few months away…