Cleveland Browns Mock Draft 2014: 7-Round Predictions, Post Ben Tate Signing

Let’s preface this thing by saying that yes, Sammy Watkins is easily the best talent of the 2014 NFL draft class.

This isn’t the place to debate if the Cleveland Browns should draft him with the fourth pick, though. He’s actually gone in my mock, stolen at No. 2 by the St. Louis Rams. Before him, Teddy Bridgewater—who I have rated as the draft’s top QB—went off the board to the Houston Texans.

And the Jacksonville Jaguars snagged Blake Bortles one spot ahead of them.

That’s the scenario; accept it, so we can move on to players actually still on the board.

With the fourth pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select…






4. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Watkins may have been gone at No. 2, but the Browns luck out with potentially the most talented quarterback in the draft falling into their laps at No. 4.

I’ve watched the tape, read all of the analysis and I’m convinced Johnny Manziel is worth the risk for the Cleveland Browns. He can be the future franchise quarterback that has eluded the team for so long.

Manziel has the goods, really. The leadership, arm talent and athleticism are all there. He senses pressure well and moves the pocket while keeping his eyes down field. Name a throw quarterbacks need to make; he can make ‘em all.

He’s the type of guy who doesn’t roll over and accept failure. He’s too proud and arrogant—in a good way—for that. That determination, drive and Tom Brady-esque passion is something that can uplift his teammates and push them towards greatness.

But he has something extra, too.

Bill Walsh called it “spontaneous genius” in his QB evaluation notes. Others call it the “it” factor, that helps a player find a way to somehow make it work no matter how bad a play breaks down.

Johnny Football’s got it, and he’s bringing it to Cleveland.

The best part is, with some time to learn from Kyle Shanahan and develop while Brian Hoyer gets his chance, he could be better than anyone imagined.

26. Ra’Shede Hageman, DT/DE, Minnesota

What, a defensive lineman at No. 26?! The Browns’ front-seven is deep, you’re taking crazy pills, Mike!

Before you panic and start listing the plethora of other needs on the Browns roster, take a minute and cool down. Also, keep in mind Ahtyba Rubin is a free agent in 2015, along with Joe Haden, Jordan Cameron, Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor, Tashaun Gipson; you get the picture.

You also can’t just list positions of need in order and assume an NFL personnel department is going to run down it in swift fashion. The trenches are just as important as the people touching the football, so hear me out, at least.

Hageman is a physical freak. Before the 2013 season, CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman listed him as No. 2 on his “20 Craziest athletes in college sports” piece. No. 1 on that list is Jadeveon Clowney.

His size (6’6”, 311 lbs) is ideal for a five-technique in a 3-4 defense. Plus, his experience playing both inside 1- and 3- techs make him an invaluably versatile piece for Mike Pettine’s hybrid scheme.

So, how does a player with that much upside make it to No. 26?

There are some concerns.

Hageman was a highly recruited tight end in high school and converted to defensive end once he arrived at Minnesota. He slid inside to tackle in 2011 and really began to grow into the position. However, his lack of production in his senior season led some to question his work ethic and consistency as an every-down lineman.

He’s a boom-or-bust guy in the truest sense of the phrase. But Pettine is known for being a molder of talent, and if he gets Hageman to boom, there’s no limit to how dominant the Browns’ already imposing front-seven could be.

35. Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Now, let’s get another offensive weapon for Hoyer and Manziel.

There’s a chance Allen Robinson could be off the board here, but I’m counting on speed concerns to let him get this far. He ran a 4.60 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine, but you have to know by now that straight-line speed and quickness are two very different things altogether.

Robinson is a refined pass-catcher with long arms who has uncanny ability to high-point passes and win contested battles. His catch radius is massive, and he plays physically to gain separation at the line of scrimmage and extend plays after the catch. Think Anquan Boldin, and I’m not joking.

He’s not a burner, but he does accelerate well and is a physical runner with run-and-catch ability.

71. Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson

What did I say about the trenches?

Cleveland needs to find some more compatible offensive linemen for Kyle Shanahan’s zone-blocking system. Brandon Thomas is the Browns’ guy here in the third round.

He played the last two seasons at left tackle after switching from guard the previous season. His elite upper body strength—on tape and in the weight room (35 bench press repetitions at the combine)—project him as an excellent slide-and-drive zone blocker.

83. Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood

Tall cornerbacks are all the rage thanks to the Seattle Seahawks, and the growing size and athleticism of NFL receivers doesn’t hurt Pierre Desir’s cause either.

Desir of Lindenwood, a small D-II program, did his draft appeal some favors with an impressive showing at the Senior Bowl. Rob Rang of said he demonstrated the best “fluidity and speed” of the group of cornerbacks in Mobile, Ala.

After the Senior Bowl, I took a deeper look and Desir passes the eye test. His 25 interceptions in college are also an indicator of impressive ball skills, to go along with his appealing size (6’1”) and excellent athleticism.

102. Yawin Smallwood, ILB, UConn

Pettine already described Yawin Smallwood from Connecticut, but may or may not have known he was doing so:

“To me, it is a size and speed league for sure,” Pettine said, per Nate Ulrich of “Given the nature of spread offenses, I’ve always been one I’d rather have smaller guys that are faster. Sometimes the best place where that shows up is usually with your linebacker corps. You look for run-and-hit guys who can go sideline to sideline.”

Signing Karlos Dansby was a great idea and first step to achieving his vision of the Browns LB corps. Adding a young and talented player like Smallwood to develop and ease into the role would be an even better one.

123. Kenny Ladler, FS, Vanderbilt

Secondary depth is never a bad thing, especially with a guy who can potentially fill in at either safety position and eventually become a starter. Kenny Ladler is known equally for his jarring, fumble-inducing hits as his instincts and quickness in coverage.

133. James White, RB, Wisconsin

Oh, you wanted another Big Ten running back, did you?

Sorry, Buckeyes fans, but James White makes much more sense here for the Browns than Carlos Hyde does in the second round, especially after the team inked Ben Tate to a two-year deal on March 15. There’s also little—if any—sense in selecting a running back for Shanahan’s rushing game before the third day of the draft.

White (5’9”, 204 lbs) is a quick and deliberate runner who has good burst and vision. I compare him physically and by the way he plays to Cincinnati’s Giovanni Bernard (5’9”, 208 lbs).

He’s an excellent all-around back capable of being an every-down rusher if necessary due to an excellent pass-blocking acumen and ability to catch the ball effectively out of the backfield.

164. Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon

Why not, right?

I’m not saying Colt Lyerla is the next Rob Gronkowski, but the comparisons are certainly there. Although, I’m not sure Gronk ever admitted to cocaine use—via court summons—and accumulated as many speeding tickets as the former Oregon Duck. Greg Little and Josh Gordon can help him with that, though, right?

Like Gronk he is a physical standout who has all the potential in the world on a football field. I’m not sure you’ll find anyone who questions that take. Lyerla staying out of trouble is the main concern.

Some team is going to gamble on him, though. Why not the Browns at the top of the sixth round before others decide to take the chance?

195. Chandler Jones, WR, SJSU

The Browns add another weapon to round out, what I think was a very successful draft. Right, guys… Right?

Despite missing the combine—a legitimate snub—Chandler Jones is destined to be that next late-round receiver everyone scratches their heads about in two years.

Don’t believe me, just wait.

He’s a terrific route runner, fluid and snappy out of his breaks and has a knack for finding open spaces in defenses. His quick feet and explosiveness help him create separation and get in position to make plays.

Jones projects inside to the slot, a position the Browns could definitely use some added depth.

Mike Hoag is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America, DBN writer and a Browns featured columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @MikeHoagJr.


Charlie’s First Ever Mock Draft

This is my first ever mock draft, and I haven’t done any extensive scouting. I’ve looked through numerous mock drafts and Combine Stats and a few draft profiles. That’s it and since I don’t think that’s a whole lot, this could be way off. But I thought I’d give it a shot and make a mock. I used the same software as Shawn and went from there.

First Round, 4th Overall — Johnny Manziel, QB TA&M

I don’t necessarily like this pick but I do think this is where the Browns are headed. I think this kid is too high maintenance, but I watched his Jon Gruden QB Camp and if he can do what he says; and give 110% to wherever he goes and play his heart out every game like this ( then I would love to have him in Cleveland. Along with that play, if he can make plays with his feet ( when everything else has failed, and that is an amazing ability. The main reason I don’t like this pick is because of his ego, and all the attention he gets.

Next Best if not available: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

First Round, 26th Overall — Kelvin Benjamin, WR FSU

This guy is tall (6”5’). He’s not Dri Archer fast, but I’d take a 4.5, 40 time for a guy his size. He can run opposite of Josh Gordon and has dealt with a quarterback like Manziel in Jameis Winston. If you have a top wide-receiver being covered by a top cornerback, you’d have a tough time throwing the ball. If you have two of these tall guys, and hell you can’t forget about Jordan Cameron, it’d be impossible to stop your passing game (Unless your QB is Brandon Weeden.) I actually like this pick and am confident it’ll pay off, especially if he can do this ( in the NFL.

Next Best if not available: Odell Beckham Jr. WR, LSU

Second Round, 35th Overall — Tre Mason, RB AUB

When Dion Lewis comes back, I’m not too sure if he can be 100% after that broken leg. Insert Tre Mason. Tre Mason is an almost perfect combination of speed and power ( He can bulldoze a defender and then take off to the races. Sorry Carlos Hyde fans, as much as I’d love to see him in a Browns uni, I don’t see it happening. If Mason is available at this point, I don’t see Cleveland passing on him, especially since he can do this (
Next Best if not available: Ka’Deem Carey, RB, ARI

Third Round, 71st Overall — Jared Abbrederis, WR WISC

To top off the offensive overhaul we bring in Abbrederis. If this happens I see our offense looking like Denver’s. Two top-notch receivers on the outside, an amazing tight end and then secure hands in the slot. If Abbrederis can catch like this ( in the NFL I see this pick working out well. He has great route running abilities and with his 40 speed of 4.5 he might just be a guy Cleveland looks at with this pick.

Next Best if not available: Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU

Third Round, 83rd Overall — AJ McCarron, QB BAMA

McCarron looks like the next best pick here. You’ve drafted a quarterback who can run around, now draft a quarterback who has a presence in the pocket (i.e. Hoyer will not be 100% coming out of that ACL injury and I’m going to be a downer here for the sake that I haven’t seen anyone else be, but I don’t think those two games Hoyer shined in was a true level of ability of him, he just got the chance to start for his hometown team, it’s a pump up, sadly nothing more. the reason I don’t take Mettenberger here is because of his ACL injury. Those are scary man.

Next Best if not Available: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, EIU

Fourth Round, 102nd Overall — Jaylen Watkins, CB FLA

Shawn picked him here a couple of mocks ago and I agree with this pick. Buster Skrine belongs in the nickelback. Draft him here and put Skrine where he fits. Watkins is a physical, tough corner and opposite of Joe Haden that’s a shutdown secondary. If the guy catches the ball, somehow through Watkins tough defense, you can bet he will try to get out of his hands,by laying the boom on him or stripping it.

Next Best if not Available: Go back to offense and nab Andre Williams, RB, BC

Fourth Round, 123rd Overall — Adrian Hubbard, ILB BAMA

After the release of D’Qwell Jackson the Browns need and inside presence. I think Hubbard fits this pretty greatly. Hubbard clocked a 4.6 in the 40 which is pretty fast for a linebacker. ( He got around that guy really fast and the play didn’t even have time to develop and the QB had no idea he was coming. Sure he might not be an every down player right off the bat, but if the Browns let him develop at his own pace, I can see this pick being a bit of a steal.

Next Best if not Available: Lamin Barrow, ILB, LSU

Fifth Round, 133rd Overall — DeAnthony Thomas

Thomas has somehow fallen to the fifth round in like four of our DPN mock drafts. How? I’m not too sure. He has explosive speed clocking a 4.34 40 time. That’s ridiculous! It’s only one-tenth off of Chris Johnson’s record of 4.24. ( In this play he runs 80 yards in about 9 seconds! That is explosive speed that the Browns need, because like I said, I don’t expect Dion Lewis to be 100%

Next Best if not Available: James Wilder Jr. RB, FSU

Sixth Round, 164th Overall — Andre Hal, CB, VANDY

Of all the mocks I’ve looked at (I’ve looked at more than 10) this is one of the only selections at this pick that makes sense. This cornerback can work with Skrine in the nickelback, and also flip-flop with Watkins that I picked in the fourth round. ( He read this play down to it’s last period. He knew the ball was coming out quick and read the QB’s eyes. If he can do this in the NFL, he will be part of an explosive secondary, no matter where he lands.

Next Best if not Available: Chris Davis, CB, AUB

Seventh Round, 195th Overall — Jordan Najvar, TE, BAY

With our final pick I see this going one of two ways. This is the way I hope it goes. We nab this tight end out of Baylor. He’s tall and athletic just like Jordan Cameron, he could add presence if you need a safety valve, or you can throw it to him for the TD. I saw this kid take a shot as he was going for the goal line, but he didn’t give up. He barreled through the guy and got the touchdown. If you bring that to the table, you can be dangerous at any level.

Next Best if not Available: Vinnie Sunseri, S, BAMA


I know there is a lot of ‘ifs’ in this mock, and I mean a lot. But say the Browns draft like this, maybe not exactly but close to it, I see them being playoff contenders. The Dawg Pound is hungry for wins and this is Banner’s chance to show Cleveland he wants to win.

Shawn’s Mock Draft: Offensive Minded

This is my 2nd Mock Draft this year.  This time, I used the draft tool at Fanspeak, so that I wasn’t able to pick without considering who may be gone when I got to each selection.  This helps keep this Mock Draft honest, and not completely unrealistic.

In this Mock, I focused heavily on upgrading the Browns offensive holes, while waiting until the later round to chose any defensive players.  So, before you moan about me not addressing the defensive needs, I intentionally went heavy offensively.  Without further ado, let’s get to the picks:

1st Round

With the 4th selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M.

The draft generator had Bortles and Bridgewater going in the first three picks, so I took the best QB option left, which was Johnny Football.  I doubt this will terribly upset everyone.  He’s a dynamic playmaker with good arm strength, excellent accuracy, and big play potential with his elusiveness and speed.  While I have my reservations about his ability to stay injury free, it’s tough to deny Manziel’s raw skill and leadership potential.  He’s taller than guys like Russell Wilson, but maintains the ability to air the football out, regularly making 40+ passes without much hiccup.  His accuracy is excellent, and again, he can absolutely kill you with his ability to escape a collapsing pocket and accelerate quickly through tight holes in the defense.  While some cite his cocky attitude as a drawback, I actually give that as a plus in Cleveland.  God knows we can use someone with a winning attitude.

With the 26th selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Allen Robinson, Wide Receiver, Penn State University

I had planned to target either Marqise Lee or Kelvin Benjamin here, but the draft generator took them off the board before we got to pick.  Allen Robinson is far from a consolation prize though.  The gap between Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and the other receivers may exist, but it gets very tight between the rest after that.  Robinson is a great physical specimen, with similar height and weight as Josh Gordon.  He’s not as fast as Gordon, but has good hands and an ability to shrug off first hits.  Outside of that, the idea of having two towering receivers on the outside should be the Browns focus when drafting their first receiver in this draft.

2nd Round

With the 35th selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver, Oregon State

I was pretty thrilled when Cooks fell to me in the second round.  He’s a speed demon, and he’s got great route running abilities and sure fire hands.  He should be a first year starter, and take over the disaster that is Davone Bess.  He’s an automatic upgrade at the position, and with Gordon and Robinson able to draw a defense’s best cover corners, he’ll likely draw a nickel corner or an inside linebacker, and his speed advantage will create a nightmare to cover when all three receivers are on the field.

3rd Round

With the 71st selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Carlos Hyde, Running Back, The Ohio State University

Another break in the draft generator that got me excited.  Carlos Hyde won’t fall much further than here, and at 71 he’s a great pick up.  OSU fans don’t need me to explain his ability to run through tacklers, and his ability to elude tacklers is often overshadowed by his bruising running style.  The prospect of having a runner like Hyde on our roster is really something exciting to me.

With the 83rd selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Jimmy Garoppolo, Quarterback, Eastern Illinois

I have no idea if the Browns will adopt my preferred strategy of taking two QB’s in this draft, but they should.  Jimmy G has a lot of potential, but because he played at a smaller university, his draft stock will probably still have him available in the third round.  He’s got more prototypical NFL Quarterback size and arm strength than Johnny Manziel, and if JFF gets hurt, Garoppolo should be a good developmental QB to tap as his backup.

4th Round

With the 102nd selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Anthony Steen, Guard, Alabama

Anthony Steen is a solid Guard to take in the third round.  Steen hasn’t been as hyped or publicly lauded as many of his Alabama teammates, but on tape there’s no denying he’s one of the team’s better NFL prospects for 2014.  He’s get great technique, he’s very consistent, has great instincts and toughness.

With the 123rd selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Lamin Barrow, Inside Linebacker, LSU

Barrow is honestly more athlete than anything else at this point, so I’m counting on coaching to help him improve on his weaknesses, particularly his troubles with completing tackles.  That aside, he’s been LSU’s tackle leader the past two seasons, show some really good leadership qualities, and most importantly for the Browns, an ability to cover slot receivers and tight ends consistently.

5th Round

With the 133rd selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…
Deion Belue, Cornerback, Alabama
The draft experts aren’t particularly high on Belue, but I love him.  I think he’s this draft classes Richard Sherman, honestly.  His size is a little underwhelming, and so he takes a hit.  But, he is an incredibly smart player, with elite footwork and and ability to win the body position battle through routes and get QB’s to bite on risky throws.  He started all 14 games opposite Dee Milliner last year, and this season he was Alabama’s top cover corner.  His high football IQ, great footwork and body positioning will make him a solid CB opposite Joe Haden.  I don’t often feel 5th round draft picks can start year one, but I believe Belue would be a starter by mid season for the Browns.

6th Round

With the 164th selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Storm Johnson, Running Back, University of Central Florida
Storm Johnson, outside of maintaining my theme of Thunder and Lightning with Carlos Hyde and Dion Lewis (Copyright Pending), also brings a great skill set in a late round pick.  He’s fast, explosive, elusive and has good hands.  The numbers are what they are, and last season he put up some head turners.  1,139 rushing yards, 14 touchdowns, and 3 more receiving touchdowns.  Johnson is super quick, and can make tacklers miss.

7th Round

With the 195th selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…

Vinnie Sunseri, Safety, Alabama
Make no mistake about it.  If Vinnie Sunseri had not torn his ACL last year, he would be at the latest a 3rd round pick.  But, injuries can kill draft stock.  All reports are that Sunseri is recovery well, and his big play potential and elite speed make him a steal this late.  His size is not ideal, but his ability to hawk the ball, and his 4.5 40 times more than make up for it.
There you have it.  Shawn’s 2nd Mock Draft of 2014, and the first to focus heavily on offensive talent.

Shawn is an Army Sergeant, husband to the beautiful and brilliant @MrsStarr, dad to three, and lead writer/publisher here at Dawg Pound Nation.  You can follow him on twitter @ShawnMStarr.  

Rumors: Mike Lombardi May Be On His Way Out As Browns General Manager

Rumors are starting to leak out of Browns Headquarters that General Manager Mike Lombardi may be on his way out, at least from his current position as GM.

It’s relatively easy to connect the dots on this one.  The circumstantial evidence is right there.  Lombardi has been noticeably missing from recent Browns activities, including the head coaching interviews and the recent pressers, including the firing of press conference for Rob Chudzinski, and the introduction press conference for new Head Coach Mike Pettine.  Outside of that, Owner Jimmy Haslam has been fairly silent on why Lombardi has been absent.   Tie that together with the fairly odd decision by Browns Assistant GM Ray Farmer to turn down the Miami Dolphins General Manager position recently, and the quiet whisperings of a few front office folks start to gain some interesting validity.  Why would Ray Farmer, who wants to be a GM, turn down a job that he was the leading candidate for, if he didn’t have a very good reason to stay in Cleveland?  Where has Mike Lombardi been?

The scenarios on Lombardi being out are pretty straightforward.  Either the Browns cut ties with him entirely, or they may seek to move him from the GM position by a lateral promotion to another part of the organization.  The latter seems just as plausible to me, because then they wouldn’t have the taint of another shake up within the organization.  Lombardi simply is removed from the area where he can do real damage (personnel), and is able to keep a job within the organization.

Update 1:  MF Jones Reports:

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Shawn is an Army Sergeant, husband to the beautiful and brilliant @MrsStarr, dad to three, and lead writer/publisher here at Dawg Pound Nation.  You can follow him on twitter @ShawnMStarr.

One Big Post: What Is Loyalty?

From time to time, some folks take our brand of humor to mean that we aren’t loyal to our team.  They ask how we can claim to love the Browns when we spend so much time making fun of them.  This is my response.

I’m Not Loyal To The Cleveland Browns Organization

That may sound shocking at first take, but it’s the truth.  The Cleveland Browns football organization, the front office and such, I feel no connection to whatsoever.  They’ve done nothing but lie, mislead, and consistently fail to do justice to our proud history through their inept failures.  My loyalty is to the fans, the community, the history and to an extent, the players and coaches.  I say to an extent, because players like Kellen Winslow Jr and Braylon Edwards I never felt any loyalty to.  Guys like Joe Thomas, Phil Taylor, and D’Qwell Jackson, those guys who bust their asses and put it on the line for this city, THOSE guys I feel loyal to.  Coaches like Chud, who made it their mission in life to coach for this team, those guys I hold loyal to.  Jimmy Haslem, Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi?  Not so much.

I Am Loyal To My Fellow Fans And Our Great Community, The Dawg Pound.

I’ve never pretended like anything but my fellow fans were my number one priority.  And since my loyalty to this community far outweighs any connection I have to the organization, it fires me up when I see my friends and fellows continue to suffer.  I often recount growing up, a young kid who got to sit in the Dawg Pound.  I remember how crazy everyone seemed, but how nice they were to me, even then.  I remember, one of my favorite moments as a child, when I got to meet Michael Dean Perry and his brother, The Fridge.  I was maybe five, and MDP picked a very little me up and put me on his shoulders at the behest of some rowdy Dawg Pound folks.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little spooked, but I felt (and probably was) 10 feet tall.  Over the years, I’ve met so many great fans and great players.  And I’ve watched them all suffer.  And why? It drives me nuts that the organization that we carry the banners for humiliates us and makes us a figure of fun throughout the country.  Because we deserve so much better than this pathetic joke of management.  We are the best, the very best fans in the country.  I can say that objectively, as I’ve been all over this great land of ours.  There is no other place where fans have stayed as faithful, as loyal, and as optimistic as we have in Cleveland.  And how have we been repayed for our stalwart loyalty?  Ask fired Browns Coach Rob Chudzinski how his loyalty was repaid, when he landed his dream job, to coach the team he loved growing up.  He was fired after 11 months for not turning water into wine and winning with no running back (except one they got from a nursing home who managed only 377 yards on 138 attempts), and 14 games of Campbell and Weeden starting.  The defense certainly struggled down the stretch, but this was their first year under a completely new system with all new coaches.  The front offices plan to fix it?  Scrap it all and start over, again!  Brilliant.

The Front Office Will Need To Earn My Trust and Loyalty.

I don’t mean this in a self-important kind of way.  I realize they probably care less than none about earning mine, or any other individual fans, loyalty and trust.  However, the sum of all of us distrusting them, and not giving them our loyalty without their earning it is a powerful thing.  When Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi show they can find “the” head coach, when they show they can do better in the draft, when they show they can not completely fail in free agency, and when they show that they either give a damn or can actually get this right, then maybe I’ll come around.  In the meantime, when they make terrible decisions, I’m going to call them on it.  I’m going to make fun of them, because the fans deserve better.  At the end of the day, that’s it to me.  The Cleveland fans, the Dawg Pound, we just deserve so much more than this.  Period.


Shawn is an Army Sergeant, husband to the beautiful and brilliant @MrsStarr, dad to three, and lead writer/publisher here at Dawg Pound Nation.  You can follow him on twitter @ShawnMStarr.

5 Reasons Why Bernie Kosar Should Be Calling The Plays

Some people might think i am crazy for even considering this, or they think i was out all night with Bernie drinking “All the damn vodka”. But here are my 5 reasons as to why the old gun slinger should be calling the plays in 2014.

1.  Johnny Manziel would benefit greatly!

If you sit and listen to Bernie slur and stumble over his words during the preseason and are able to make out the garble that he is talking, the man knows how to play the QB position. With a young rookie QB pegged to start his tenure in the land of the dying quarterback, Bernie would keep Manziel”s head out of the clouds and his eyes down the field in the face of a Steelers pass rush. The Browns need someone to help Johnny out when it comes to reading a defense, going through his progressions, and most of all winning!

2. Familiar with his surroundings

Since the 80’s Bernie has dealt with the wind, the snow, and the cold that blow in off the shores of Lake Erie. He knows the way an offense has to operate in Cleveland and has won, and won a lot in his years in Cleveland. The Browns for years have hired and fired this coach and that coach and haven’t so much as even opened up the back door to take a look at the tall, lanky curly haired, possibly a little intoxicated man in the back yard that goes by the name of Bernie.

3. Hungry for a winner

Bernie has been in Cleveland for years and is a true fan of the Browns. He bleeds orange and brown and just like the fans, is hungry for a winner like yesterday. He has sat back and watched the past regimes botch draft after draft, fall head over heals with a coach who doesn’t know his ass from the endzone, and the front office and owners hire the likes of Michael “By no means related to Vince” Lombardi. Bernie would not let this team quit in the 4th or hang their head when they are down by 7 with two minutes left in the 4th.

4. A great eye for talent

During the preseason he gets to watch all of these backups and nobody go out and try and impress the coaching staff playing against a bunch of other nobody’s. But to Kosar they aren’t a bunch of nobody’s they are a bunch of guys who are going out and busting their asses and showing they are somebody’s. Well unless you are the St.Louis Rams or the parents of their players. He knows a winner when he sees one and would take a little nobody guy from some hole in the wall school and push him to get every ounce of talent out of him as he could.

5. Last but not least…….The fans love Bernie!

The fans remember the days of Bernie going out and side arming passes in the face of a rush, the long bombs down the field, and all the W’s he put up for the brown and orange. No matter if he seems a little slow or maybe has a hint of vodka on his breath, the fans still know that he is the last glimmer of once knowing what winning was. They still line up to get a picture with Bernie whenever they have a chance, they still cheer him on in the city and know that he will always be a Cleveland Brown for life. Most of all he relates to the fans, he knows how much we have all been through, all the heartache, the betrayal, the lies of the team being built into a “Winner”, he knows that Cleveland wants and deserves so much better, to be relevant and a powerhouse in the league again. To play games in December and January that have meaning behind them and the sound of the crowd roaring on a frigid windy day on the shores of Lake Erie, that’s what we all want as browns fans right?

That’s my opinion as to why Bernie should be the new OC for the Cleveland Browns in 2014…..

Hey a guy can dream right?

Cory Napolitano