On Chip Kelly Claiming No Interest In Browns Job

Cleveland Browns, Chip Kelly were never close to agreement, Kelly says: Browns Insider | cleveland.com.


I think Chip Kelly is a snake, and he’s either lying, or he was very manipulative/misleading in his apparent courtship with the Browns.  Its one thing to clear up rumors that didn’t have much foundation in fact, but Chip Kelly spent a lot of time talking to the Browns, and his camp leaked it that he was close to signing a contract at the dinner that he never showed up to.  Now, either he really was close to signing up to be the Browns Head Coach, or he was using that rumor to get a better deal from Oregon/Philly, but either way he gave very clear signs and spoken words to indicate that he had a strong interest in taking the job in Cleveland.  Now for him to come out, for no clear reason, and speak on the subject as if it was Philadelphia for him from the start either makes him look like a liar or a manipulator.  Why spend an entire afternoon/evening talking with Haslem and Banner if you weren’t ever seriously considering the job?  Why let it leak that you were set to have a dinner, with lawyers and agents present, presumably to sign a contract?  Either you were close, and the Browns actually decided against signing you, or you were trying to play everyone involved.  Either way, I think Chip has shown himself to be far too flip-floppy and sneaky for my taste.  Good riddance.


When do we play the Eagles again?


Browns CEO Joe Banner says Chip Kelly hire “too risky”.

Joe Banner has come out and stated that the prospect of hiring Chip Kelly was “too risky”.  Its a little late to put the spin on now, after the Browns made it clear that Kelly was their #1 option and went so hard to try and land him.  There’s nothing wrong with trying hard and coming up short, I personally would have respected the effort even if I was a bit disappointed in Kelly’s decision.