Join Our Staff!

Do you love Browns football?  Have lots of opinions on things about the Team?  Then you should write for us!

We’re always looking for writers who can provide humorous content, or in depth analysis on all things Browns.

Things that will make us want to add you to the team:

1.  Funniness.  You’ve either got it, or you don’t.

2.  Better than normal insights.  Example:  Anyone can say “I think Player X is really great!”.  I don’t care about that.  You should be able to tell me WHY Player X is really great, supporting your argument using objective statistics or advanced metrics.  Anyone can say “I think this is the year the Browns FINALLY turn it around!”.  Why do you think the Browns will turn it around?  What objective data can you use to support your argument?  Give more than just a generic statement, or I’ll probably get bored and stop reading.

3.  An ability to structure posts.  Being able to use proper grammar, sentence structure, capitalization/punctuation are non-negotiable.  I’ll glance at a submission, and if it’s a disaster from the basics, I’ll delete it without reading the rest.  Outside of that, having a good flow to your articles is a must.  Some people accomplish this by using a list structure, much like a site like Cracked.  Some people are great story-tellers, and can weave their writing along in a natural progression, building their case or story to a climax and then wrapping it up logically.  In any case, however you do it, the flow of your submission is a must.  If it reads disjointed, choppy or anything that makes reading difficult or less than pleasant, I’ll probably not invite you to join us.
If you feel like you’re able to meet the above criteria, then write up a 300-1000 word submission (you can choose any Browns topic you’d like) and send it to  May the Force Be With You.


3 thoughts on “Join Our Staff!

  1. I’ll shoot in an article now and then in to see what you think. My name is Todd Householder, 56 years old and have been a Browns fan since I was old enough to understand what I was watching on TV. My first big memory was watching the 1964 championship game on Black and White TV. I am a season ticket holder who drives, along with my grown kids, from Dayton, Ohio up to the games. My dad had a sporting goods store in Bowling Green Ohio back in the 50’s when the Browns used to train and practice there in the summer. He got to know them pretty well along with Paul Brown. My wife is an english major so all articles will be proofread, believe me!


    • Haha our actual editor (my wife) is the same. I usually check for flow and fact check, but she dissects us on our grammar.

      Anyhow, shoot me an email of you’re looking to join the crew Todd!


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