Poll The Pound: Who Should The Browns Draft?

Alright everyone, vote in the poll below, then comment on the DPN Facebook or tweet us @DawgPoundNews to tell us your vote!


Ask The Pound: Which QB Should The Cleveland Browns Draft?

It’s the debate that’s been raging for months. So what do you think? Vote in the poll, then share your opinion in the comments, or on our Facebook/Twitter.

The Pound Picks: The Biggest Browns Draft Bust Finals

It’s all come down to this. I’m a little surprised, but it’s Brandon Weeden vs Trent Richardson for the Championship,  and Brady Quinn vs Courtney Brown in the 3rd place match.


The Biggest Browns Draft Bust: The Final Four

And here we are, done to the last four competitors:


The Pound Picks the Biggest Browns Draft Bust, The Ugly Eight

Half the field is gone, and it’s on to the ugly eight.  There were a couple of upsets in Round 1, most shockingly Mike Junkin getting knocked off by Brian Robiskie.  Trent Richardson also overtook William Green to advance to the Ugly Eight.  Without further ado, here’s the next bracket and set of polls!


The Ugly Eight

The Ugly Eight

The Pound Picks: The Biggest Browns Draft Bust Of All Time

Back by popular demand, our “The Pound Picks” tournaments.  This time, you chose the Biggest Browns Draft Bust of All Time.  The way this works is as a head to head, 16 “team” tournament.  Each round of voting will last 24 hours.  After 24 hours, polls will be closed, and the “winners” in each match will advance.  This will continue until we have a “winner”

Based on your nominations and the staff’s input, here is the full, seeded bracket:

1st Round, The Biggest Browns Draft Bust

1st Round, The Biggest Browns Draft Bust