About DPN

Dawg Pound Nation is a Cleveland Browns blog, written by true Cleveland fans, for Cleveland fans. We do our best to provide daily updates on the latest news, rumors, speculation, player and coaching updates, and general fan chatter surrounding that team we all love. We also provide quality analysis and insights. We’re even know to be funny from time to time.

Dawg Pound Nation (or DPN) was founded on January 18th, 2013. We created a website (with matching Facebook and Twitter accounts) in hopes to provide a better media source and discussion forum for Browns fans than previously existed in the Cleveland market. Anyone who follows the Browns knows that the major media outlets in town are made up of hacks writers, failed reporters and reporters who act as mouth-pieces for the team. We decided to stand up beside other great fan created sites like Waiting For Next Year, Dawgs By Nature and Dawg Pound Daily, and provide better coverage and more accurate reporting. We strive to be unbiased, report facts as facts, and clearly separate our own opinions.

Outside of our visions for fact, accurate news and in depth, quality analysis, we also strive to provide a forum for Browns fans to have their voices heard. Our thriving Facebook community is a testament to this. We focus entirely on being a Browns Fan-Centric community, where we serve only the fans, not the team, not the media.

We’ve grown incredibly quickly, in no small part due to the outstanding support we’ve received from the members of our community. In less than a year, DPN became the largest active Browns community on Facebook, and broke the “Million Page Hit” mark on our website. We are eager to continue to grow and continue to expand our coverage and fulfill what we believe is a very large potential. We are thankful for every new member we add, both in followers and staff. We got to where we are so quickly thanks entirely to our supporters. We intend to continue repaying that debt by putting out a quality product.

If you’re interested in joining the DPN Staff, check out this page.


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