Justin’s Top 10 Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft

The 2014 draft is the most important for the Brown’s since they have been back. Didn’t you hear they are made a movie about it? I know, I know, we all say that every year, but it’s true. If we would stop being such a bad football team every single year, we fans would stop saying it. The Browns have 10 picks this year and 7 of them are in the 1st 4 rounds. Based on their actions in free agency, it’s almost a done deal that the Browns will be selecting a Quarterback. So, the question I was asking myself was…What round should these quarterbacks be drafted in?

Luckily for us there is not an interception tossing, soulless ginger, 28 year old rookie quarterbacks in this draft.


However, there are several overrated quarterbacks. Hopefully this front office actually watches college football and is able to see this. That way we don’t reach for someone who will be either out of the league or backup for the Bills in 2 years. I am not as high on the bigger names this year as other people are. Really there are only 1 maybe 2 NFL ready quarterbacks this year. This quarterback class gets a B- from me because most of the prospects need a lot of work. Need, pro-days and the combine as always inflate the stock of several players.

Here we go…

#10 Derek Carr, Fresno State – 6th Round Grade


I do not like Carr at all. He has no footwork whatsoever, which the most important aspect of being an accurate quarterback. Carr is horrible under pressure this causes him to make mistakes. He hasn’t played in many big games, and the ones he did play in were bad. He throws all arm way too much, worst of all looks like Derek Anderson in the pocket.  There are only a couple of positive traits I have on Carr. His strong arm and at times he can be accurate with his terrible mechanics.

#9 Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech – 5th Round Grade


Needless to say this 6’6” 260lbs quarterback is huge. He kind of reminds me of Jamarcus Russell but is much faster and much better than Russell (doesn’t take much). Depending on how our draft goes, if he is still there in the later rounds we should consider him. Thomas is very much a project player and needs to sit behind Hoyer for 3 years. This would allow him to work on his decision making and accuracy.

#8 Tajh Boyd, Clemson – 5th Round Grade


During the college football season I was extremely high on Boyd. But after the season his stock dropped significantly for me. Boyd benefited from having fantastic wide receivers that made him look better than he was. Too many cons keep Boyd out of the 1st few rounds. Sloppy footwork, slings the ball too much, his tendency is to run 1st, and not enough experience under center. He does have positives, his accuracy, his speed, his ability to throw on the run, and he is a very good while running.

#7 Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois – 4th Round Grade


I’ll be the 1st to admit that I don’t know a lot about the self-proclaimed Aaron Rodgers clone. He went to Eastern Illinois it’s not like they are on television, so cut me some slack. With that said I do like what I have seen. He does have a quick release just like Hoyer, but he is definitely not Aaron Rodgers. I think if Garoppolo is available in the 4th round and we haven’t taken a quarterback we should take him.

#6 AJ McCarron, Alabama – 4th Round Grade


This guy does not make many mistakes. This is something the Browns desperately need from the quarterback position. He has good pocket presence and is elusive in the pocket. He does have slow footwork and that will get him killed in the NFL. McCarron has a lot of experience for one of the best Universities in the country. Because of this I would start considering him in the 3rd round but I think he could fall to the 4th round.

#5 Blake Bortles, UCF – 3rd Round Grade


His stock is way up for most people. But for me he is a major reach for the 1st round and the Browns would be making a Weeden’esque mistake by selecting him there. Needs, smoke screens, pro-days, and the combine are driving his stock up higher than it should be. Don’t get me wrong Bortles has potential, but so did Quinn, Weeden, Frye, Anderson, and so on. In this win now league, Bortles won’t get the chance to grow like Steve McNair did. If Bortles is available where he should be, we have to take him. He won’t be there, and let’s hope it’s not us that are regretting taking him in the 1st round 3 years from now.

#4 Aaron Murray, Georgia – 2nd Round Grade


ACL Injury late last year, there I said it.  Because of this his stock is down much further than it should be. I’ve seen a lot of games from Murray and the eye ball test says he is a good quarterback. Since Murray is injured this could benefit the Browns in 2 ways. 1 they could get him much later in the draft. 2 we have Hoyer (also coming off of an ACL tear) who he could sit behind for a couple of years. No way that the Browns will draft him in the 2nd round, even though he should be. However they should not let him slip past the 4th round.

#3 Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M – 2nd Round Grade


Johnny Football has a lot of positives. He is a playmaker, a football player, plays bigger than his 5’11” frame, his speed, and his skills outside the pocket. He also has many concerns both on and off the field. He plays the game like its backyard football which causes him to be hit a lot. That doesn’t fly for an NFL quarterback and my biggest concern for him, even more than his off the field issues. This makes me hesitant to draft him in the top 10. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he falls like Aaron Rodgers did. This is a good thing for the Browns imagine Sammy Watkins and Johnny Manziel! I’d be one happy Browns fan.

#2 Zach Mettenberger, LSU – 2nd Round Grade


I really hope Mettenberger is the quarterback the Browns target this year. I think he has the highest ceiling of all of the quarterbacks. He drastically improved his mechanics under Cam Cameron last year. They aren’t as good as Bridgewater’s mechanics, but still very good with some room for improvement. He has a lot of raw talent that is obvious when you watch him on the field. He also tore his ACL last year, which I know is risky, but ACL recovery has drastically improved over the years. The Browns should target him in the 2nd – 3rd round. He can sit behind Hoyer for at least a year. My hope is that the Browns get Watkins, a guard and then take Mettenberger in the 2nd Round.

#1 Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville – Top 10 Grade


The only NFL ready quarterback in this draft. He honestly should be the only quarterback taken in the 1st round. I think the Browns should consider him at 4 but only if Watkins is gone and we have no trade suitors. Bridgewater’s mechanics are phenomenal and I love watching him move around inside the pocket. Other quarterbacks should be taking footwork classes from him because they are near perfect. I know his pro-day was less than stellar but pro-days are not football and the eye ball test tells me he can be a very good NFL quarterback. His ceiling isn’t as high as Mettenberger, so that is something to consider.


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