Don’t Be Shocked To See The Browns Pursue Mark Sanchez

Before you start throwing things at me, I’ve got to tell you why I won’t be surprised if the Browns decide to pursue free agent quarterbacks Mark Sanchez.

1. Mike Pettine Knows Him

While more often than not, I hear this as a negative, I actually think it might be a positive. Very few people know for certain what caliber quarterback Sanchez is as well as Mike Pettine. They spent decent time together in New York, and that type of familiarity is desirable in the NFL. While there are obvious questions as to Sanchez’s is serviceability, Pettine should have a general idea. He coached the defense on that New York Jets team during Mark Sanchez’s is best years. They were a part of multiple deep playoff runs, and contrary to popular belief, Sanchez did not play bad in most of those games.

2. Not landing Matt Schaub was not part of the plan.

I firmly believe ,based on the reports that I’ve gotten, that the Browns would have signed Matt Schaub if the Texans had cut him. I believe the Browns wanted be ability to restructure Schaub’s contract. And, I don’t believe the Browns thought that the Raiders would be willing to take on Matt Schaub’s 10 million dollar contract. I hear you, the Raiders have a lot of cap space, but the truth is that they are extremely cash strapped. There is a real reason why they let so many of their young, quality players walk away in free agency. Their owner is not doing well financially. Regardless, I believe that the Browns planned to sign Matt Schaub and let him compete with Brian Hoyer for the starting job. Obviously, that plan has to change.

3. There are no more viable starters left in free agency.

I still believe that the Browns wants to bring in a quarterback that can push Brian Hoyer in camp. I believe that this is why they haven’t signed Rex Grossman yet. At the end of the day, Grossman would be a player that the Browns realize can never be allowed to take a live snap in game. He would be signed to be a mentor and pseudo coach, not true backup quarterback. Based on that, who would be competing with Brian Hoyer to start? The odds of a rookie getting the nod over Brian Hoyer seem fairly long in my opinion. So if we are to believe that the Browns intend to have a legitimate competition for the role of starting quarterback, who is left to compete? The only answer last is Mark Sanchez.

Shawn is the Editor-In-Chief and Lead Writer for Dawg Pound Nation.  He’s also an Army Sergeant, married to the beautiful and brilliant @MrsStarr, dad to three and aspiring Browns Writer.  You can follow him on Twitter @ShawnMStarr or @DawgPoundNews, as well as on the Dawg Pound Nation Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Shocked To See The Browns Pursue Mark Sanchez

  1. Browns going from Texans garbage to Jets trash. if this happens, going to be ironic of Mack snapping the ball to Sanchez whom Mangini traded down several times. hope it works out. Go Browns!!


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