Brandon Weeden, We Hardly Knew Ye

In case you missed it, the Cleveland Browns have released quarterback Brandon Weeden. Brandon’s journey with the Cleveland Browns was not always an easy one. Let’s take a look back at some of the best Brandon Weeden moments.


1. Draft Day

Brandon wasn’t one of the quarterbacks who was invited to the draft. Mainly because no one in the NFL thought there was a chance in hell that any team would use a first round draft pick on a geriatric quarterback. But that didn’t stop the Cleveland Browns. Oh no, we think outside the box. So, we was at home with family and friends when the Cleveland Browns announced that they had drafted him.


When he was introduced, Brandon showed all of the energy that a member of the AARP muster. Cleveland fans in media were skeptical, but Brandon assured us he would be our quarterback.

2. First Game


Okay, so things started off a little rough . Sure, America herself mowed Brandon down when he took the field for his first start a quarterback , but that didn’t stop Brandon from trying. He went out there and gave it his all, putting up with one of the worst performances by a rookie quarterback in NFL history.

3.  The Struggles


Okay. It didn’t really get any better when Brandon played more. He only seemed to be good at frustrating fans, staring down receivers, turning the ball over, and taking sacks. But man, could he takes sacks.  Brandon seemed too long for the physical contact of defenders. He would hold on to the ball as long as humanly possible, even as Blitzers closed in on him from all sides.

4. The Flip



The flip, as its affectionately known in Cleveland, was a big turning point in Brandon’s career. From this point forward, no one on earth thought Brandon had a chance to become a starting quarterback in the NFL again. This pass, if you can call it that, has been referred to as the worst passing play in NFL history by multiple experts.

5. The Cut


Universally, Browns fans rejoiced when the Cleveland Browns announced on Twitter that they had released Brandon. But that’s okay Brandon. You keep your head up man, because as a ginger, you don’t have much else to lose. Not even a soul.


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