A Few Questions for Johnny Manziel


Dear Johnny Manziel,

We here in Cleveland have all read the article in the Houston Chronicle about how you would play your heart out for the Browns. That even though we have had 20 quarterbacks but you would be the 21st and lead us to the promise land. As a born and bred Browns fan I have a few questions I would like to ask you. I am sure, actually a few fans would like to ask you so many questions and now that we know that the Browns did not talk to you at the combine leaves us to ask many more questions.
1. We all in Cleveland know that you have tremendous athletic abilities but we have questions about your arm strength, what could you tell us that would make us have confidence in your arm strength?

2. We know that you have spent a lot of time working with one of our locals Quarterback Guru’s George Whitefield Jr. and he has stated that you have made so much improvement this past offseason, we would like to know why didn’t you showcase and throw at the combine?

3. You are trying to show everyone that “Johnny Football” is just a persona that the media has created about a young immature person that you don’t isn’t really you. Part of that persona is your arrogance, so don’t you think that refusing to throw at the combine fits in to that persona that you have repeatedly stated you are not?

4. You are a small quarterback that only measured at 5’11’’ at the combine. Everyone has concerns about your height as a NFL quarterback with their only being a few quarterbacks at that size having succeeded. You have compared yourself to Russell Wilson and Gruden compared you to Steve Young what exactly is it that makes you think you will find that rare success of an undersized quarterback in the NFL?

5. We know you are a Texas boy and have grown up believing that football lives in Texas. Do you really know the impact football has on those of us in Ohio?

6. Would you be willing to sit the bench for the first year of your contract and not cause any unneeded distractions if you were not named the starting quarterback?

7. Could you not be the focus of attention if you are not the starter and do what is best for your team? We have all read and heard about the autograph incident. Every day for how long we had to hear your name mentioned in the news or in sport reports. So if you are not starting and asked to take the time to learn what can you do to show us you don’t have to be the focus of attention?

8. You have talked about our 20 other starting quarterbacks and that if you were drafted by us you would lead us to the Promised Land. So you know that we have drafted other quarterbacks early in the draft and they have proved to be nothing more than a severe waste of money. Would you be willing to take a smaller deal with less pay with a stipulation of pay for performance because you are sure of your abilities?

Final question I could ask is do you really understand the misery that we have been through here in Cleveland? We have had our team ripped from our hands and missed out on many memories that fathers and sons have had only to watch the team we loved become one we hated. Last season while the rest of the NFL took a moment of silence for the passing of our previous owner Cleveland didn’t. Not only did all of that happen but to be the cherry on top we had to watch that team win not one but two Super Bowls while we have only had one season where we made the playoffs. So my question is could you connect with us in Cleveland and remain true to our team even when things seem bleak like we have over the years?

Mr. Manziel I am not sure that you are going to be the quarterback we take in this draft or if we will even get the chance to take or pass on you. I do have to say one thing that I gathered from your story that was ran in the Houston Chronicle is that you were not making a plea to us in Cleveland but to the Texans. We weren’t even a second thought but more like a third thought of a place that as a place where you would get “stuck”. So since the Browns didn’t interview you at the combine we the fans feel we should ask the questions that have been in our arguments and discussions. These aren’t even all the questions we have been asking the others have to do with your footwork, your mechanics, and your work ethic. So if you are still sitting at a table when the Browns take the clock tell, what can you say that should make us consider you as more than an afterthought but a serious contender that could lead our beloved team?


A Born and Bred Browns Fan

P.S. By now the rumors have spread away from you and are now talking about Carr and a few different possibilities of who will go at 4 so we are asking you to win us over if by chance the Carr talk is all just smoke and mirrors.


2 thoughts on “A Few Questions for Johnny Manziel

  1. First of all I like all your questions. I just hope he is gone by the time it’s our turn to pick. NO WAY is he going to settle sitting on the side lines for a year. He is to arrogant and thinks he’s the best thing to come along since sliced bread. We have had enough Quarter Back controversy in this town to last us a life time, we don’t need any more!


  2. I am sure now more than ever that the Browns will not take a QB until the third round or later. I believe the Browns know that unless they fix the O-line, the receivers, and the run game, the QB will not matter. I’m still fluctuating on TJ Ward, I think they will move in another direction (Buffalo) but a part of me says “depth” and they will try and get both players signed. There are so many quality Wide outs in the draft, I think the Browns will try and trade down to fill some more holes, ILB, OLB, CB etc. Perhaps they will move Mingo to OLB and find a DE. Lordy, I have more questions now than I did a month ago when I thought the pick would be a QB, and now I have an extra month to go through this crap! Let’s see what Free Agency does to the roster and re-evaluate again on say…ohh I don’t know…how about May 1st?

    Go Browns! and Go Tribe!


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