Dawg Pound’s New Mascot

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a post and when I do, there’s usually like 99% humor in it. But today I had to do the hardest thing I’ve had to ever do to date, put my Pitbull to sleep. So as I sat here remembering him in the short time we had him, it gave me an idea so here I am.

First off, let me give you a little bit of the story on Phoenix, my Pit. He was found in Marietta, OH wandering around looking for food and love. The Humane Officer picked him up and brought him to the shelter where my wife and I volunteer. When I first laid eyes on him, my heart broke and I fell in love with him. He had these big brown eyes that were just all love. He came in weighing around 35 pounds, every bone protruding from his body due to malnurishment, and a lump on his neck. We instantly took him in and gave him something he obviously never had before; a loving family. We took him to two veterinarians who were unable to determine what the lump was, but both confirmed a severe case of heartworms. We were told the risks of the treatment; that he may not make it through the shots, but we looked deep in his eyes and as he licked our faces with his tail wagging we knew he was telling us he would make it through it. And he did! We then scheduled him an appointment at The Ohio State University Vet Hospital with an oncologist. And that was when our hearts broke. The lump in his neck was actually cancer that was left untreated and had already progressed to his lungs. By the time we got him, there was nothing more we could do besides love him until the end. He made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Valentines Day. With each passing day he would explode with love towards me, my wife, and our two kids no matter how he felt. But this past week he started a downward spiral and today took a drastic turn for the worse. We had to put him down which broke our hearts.

Now that you know the story, here’s what I suggest. I know the Browns are known for the Bulldog mascot but let’s think of this shall we. What if we were to change it to a Pitbull? The most misunderstood breed out there. Just saying the name people instantly think of a vicious animal but no. They got that reputation due to A-holes like Mike Vick. They are the most loving, loyal, and resilient breed of dog. I mean my dog Phoenix, which I named him that because he came from the ashes and started anew, had every reason in the world to hate humans. But there wasn’t a mean bone in this animal at all!! My kids would cuddle with him, he’d give them a bully bath (licking them head to toe covering them in slobber), and just enjoyed everyone. I mean think about it…..everything we go through as Browns fans, don’t you think a Pitbull sounds more like us than a Bulldog? All the stuff we put up with and we just keep coming back. And people fear the Pound just at the mere mention of the name.

Again, this is just my idea I had after this loooong battle my dog put up with. If anything, we can make the Pitbull the unofficial mascot of the Browns or even this page.


One thought on “Dawg Pound’s New Mascot

  1. My wife and I foster rescue/shelter dogs until they find their “forever” homes. The vast majority are pit bulls/bully mixes. They are, bar none, the most misunderstood breed on the planet. They were once known as “the nanny breed” because they are so loving, loyal and gentle with children. I’m sorry your experience was so short but applaud that you actually did more than just like a fb link. I would definitely support an effort to align them with the Browns.


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