Charlie’s First Ever Mock Draft

This is my first ever mock draft, and I haven’t done any extensive scouting. I’ve looked through numerous mock drafts and Combine Stats and a few draft profiles. That’s it and since I don’t think that’s a whole lot, this could be way off. But I thought I’d give it a shot and make a mock. I used the same software as Shawn and went from there.

First Round, 4th Overall — Johnny Manziel, QB TA&M

I don’t necessarily like this pick but I do think this is where the Browns are headed. I think this kid is too high maintenance, but I watched his Jon Gruden QB Camp and if he can do what he says; and give 110% to wherever he goes and play his heart out every game like this ( then I would love to have him in Cleveland. Along with that play, if he can make plays with his feet ( when everything else has failed, and that is an amazing ability. The main reason I don’t like this pick is because of his ego, and all the attention he gets.

Next Best if not available: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

First Round, 26th Overall — Kelvin Benjamin, WR FSU

This guy is tall (6”5’). He’s not Dri Archer fast, but I’d take a 4.5, 40 time for a guy his size. He can run opposite of Josh Gordon and has dealt with a quarterback like Manziel in Jameis Winston. If you have a top wide-receiver being covered by a top cornerback, you’d have a tough time throwing the ball. If you have two of these tall guys, and hell you can’t forget about Jordan Cameron, it’d be impossible to stop your passing game (Unless your QB is Brandon Weeden.) I actually like this pick and am confident it’ll pay off, especially if he can do this ( in the NFL.

Next Best if not available: Odell Beckham Jr. WR, LSU

Second Round, 35th Overall — Tre Mason, RB AUB

When Dion Lewis comes back, I’m not too sure if he can be 100% after that broken leg. Insert Tre Mason. Tre Mason is an almost perfect combination of speed and power ( He can bulldoze a defender and then take off to the races. Sorry Carlos Hyde fans, as much as I’d love to see him in a Browns uni, I don’t see it happening. If Mason is available at this point, I don’t see Cleveland passing on him, especially since he can do this (
Next Best if not available: Ka’Deem Carey, RB, ARI

Third Round, 71st Overall — Jared Abbrederis, WR WISC

To top off the offensive overhaul we bring in Abbrederis. If this happens I see our offense looking like Denver’s. Two top-notch receivers on the outside, an amazing tight end and then secure hands in the slot. If Abbrederis can catch like this ( in the NFL I see this pick working out well. He has great route running abilities and with his 40 speed of 4.5 he might just be a guy Cleveland looks at with this pick.

Next Best if not available: Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU

Third Round, 83rd Overall — AJ McCarron, QB BAMA

McCarron looks like the next best pick here. You’ve drafted a quarterback who can run around, now draft a quarterback who has a presence in the pocket (i.e. Hoyer will not be 100% coming out of that ACL injury and I’m going to be a downer here for the sake that I haven’t seen anyone else be, but I don’t think those two games Hoyer shined in was a true level of ability of him, he just got the chance to start for his hometown team, it’s a pump up, sadly nothing more. the reason I don’t take Mettenberger here is because of his ACL injury. Those are scary man.

Next Best if not Available: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, EIU

Fourth Round, 102nd Overall — Jaylen Watkins, CB FLA

Shawn picked him here a couple of mocks ago and I agree with this pick. Buster Skrine belongs in the nickelback. Draft him here and put Skrine where he fits. Watkins is a physical, tough corner and opposite of Joe Haden that’s a shutdown secondary. If the guy catches the ball, somehow through Watkins tough defense, you can bet he will try to get out of his hands,by laying the boom on him or stripping it.

Next Best if not Available: Go back to offense and nab Andre Williams, RB, BC

Fourth Round, 123rd Overall — Adrian Hubbard, ILB BAMA

After the release of D’Qwell Jackson the Browns need and inside presence. I think Hubbard fits this pretty greatly. Hubbard clocked a 4.6 in the 40 which is pretty fast for a linebacker. ( He got around that guy really fast and the play didn’t even have time to develop and the QB had no idea he was coming. Sure he might not be an every down player right off the bat, but if the Browns let him develop at his own pace, I can see this pick being a bit of a steal.

Next Best if not Available: Lamin Barrow, ILB, LSU

Fifth Round, 133rd Overall — DeAnthony Thomas

Thomas has somehow fallen to the fifth round in like four of our DPN mock drafts. How? I’m not too sure. He has explosive speed clocking a 4.34 40 time. That’s ridiculous! It’s only one-tenth off of Chris Johnson’s record of 4.24. ( In this play he runs 80 yards in about 9 seconds! That is explosive speed that the Browns need, because like I said, I don’t expect Dion Lewis to be 100%

Next Best if not Available: James Wilder Jr. RB, FSU

Sixth Round, 164th Overall — Andre Hal, CB, VANDY

Of all the mocks I’ve looked at (I’ve looked at more than 10) this is one of the only selections at this pick that makes sense. This cornerback can work with Skrine in the nickelback, and also flip-flop with Watkins that I picked in the fourth round. ( He read this play down to it’s last period. He knew the ball was coming out quick and read the QB’s eyes. If he can do this in the NFL, he will be part of an explosive secondary, no matter where he lands.

Next Best if not Available: Chris Davis, CB, AUB

Seventh Round, 195th Overall — Jordan Najvar, TE, BAY

With our final pick I see this going one of two ways. This is the way I hope it goes. We nab this tight end out of Baylor. He’s tall and athletic just like Jordan Cameron, he could add presence if you need a safety valve, or you can throw it to him for the TD. I saw this kid take a shot as he was going for the goal line, but he didn’t give up. He barreled through the guy and got the touchdown. If you bring that to the table, you can be dangerous at any level.

Next Best if not Available: Vinnie Sunseri, S, BAMA


I know there is a lot of ‘ifs’ in this mock, and I mean a lot. But say the Browns draft like this, maybe not exactly but close to it, I see them being playoff contenders. The Dawg Pound is hungry for wins and this is Banner’s chance to show Cleveland he wants to win.


4 thoughts on “Charlie’s First Ever Mock Draft

  1. I notice you didn’t list any offensive linemen. If this were to actually happen in the draft, would you expect the Browns to go after a guard in FA, rearrange the linemen and backups currently on the roster, or have the same starting OL as last year?


    • Currently I’m looking toward free agency to upgrade the line, Brandon Albert is out there and honestly I think our line was okay, our QB just couldn’t avoid pressure.


      • I’d agree with you on last year’s line for pass protection, but I thought the run blocking was pretty bad. I’m of the opinion that it’s a lot easier to create a running game through a good OL than to try and find one of those elite RBs that come into the league once every 5-7 years, and last year just wasn’t cutting it.


        • I think the main reason for that is the fact that we had a bust of a RB and an old washed up dude. I get what you’re saying, but in my opinion getting a RB would be easier


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