The Pound Picks: Nominations: The Biggest Browns Draft Bust of All Time

We haven’t done a “The Pound Picks” in what feels like forever now, so we’re bringing it back in epic fashion.

We’re now accepting nominations for your picks for the worst Browns Draft Bust of All Time.  Some basic criteria:

1.  Should be a first round pick.
2.  Should have clearly been a bust.
3.  Must receive at least 5 nominations to make the final tournament.
4.  Each person can nominate 2 players.
5.  Nominations will last 24 hours, each round of voting will last 48 hours.
6.  This will be awesome.

You can submit your nominations in the comment section here (must use a real name, no anonymous submissions), in a relevant Facebook post, or via Twitter.

Shawn is an Army Sergeant, Husband to @MrsStarr, dad to three and aspiring Browns writer. You can follow Shawn on Twitter @ShawnMStarr or the page @DawgPoundNews


21 thoughts on “The Pound Picks: Nominations: The Biggest Browns Draft Bust of All Time

  1. It’s easy to pick on the two #1 picks in 1999 & 2000 but those teams were so bad, you could almost make an excuse for their underwhelming performance. I vote for Craig Powell who played 12 games then went to the military. I remember the Browns really wanted Kyle Brady and when the Jets swooped in and took him, it left the Browns scrambling. My next vote is for “Touchdown” Tommy Vardell who scored 3 TDs in 4 seasons. Who drafts a FB in the top 10?!


  2. Going to go one really old school, one a little more recent

    1) 1955 first round pick, center, out of Oklahoma, Kurt Burris… never played a game in the NFL, choosing instead to play 5 years in the CFL.

    2) 1987 first round pick, linebacker, out of Duke, Mike Junkin. Schottenheimer called him a “Mad Dog in a Meat Market”. Yeah, he played 20 games over the course of 3 years and was out of football…


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