The New Office

I was listening to 92.3 The Fan while sick yesterday and talking to my dad. I asked him what I should write about next and he pointed to the radio. He said tell me why the Browns have shook their front office up again and why we’re that team that no one wants to come to. Well, it took me a while to come up with a main point but it hit me. So I sit here trying to write as much as I can, while it’s still in my brain.

So Jimmy Haslam (once again) has shaken up the Browns’ staff. Yesterday it was announced that Joe Banner was stepping down and that Mike Lombardi had been fired. This all happening after both coordinators left and our head coach was fired. All after only one season. The main point behind this is that we want to move forward but there may be a lot more that happened behind closed doors. A lot of these “professionals” have been saying that while Haslam went for his coaches, Banner and Lombardi held him back. I’m not saying Haslam settled for Pettine because I ultimately believe that he picked Pettine, but I’m saying that I think Haslam had a different guy in mind and I don’t blame him.

So enter Ray Farmer. Farmer was our Assistant GM last year and promoted to GM for this season. Ray will be more outspoken, more open and honest about the team. He looks like a guy that can get his suit a little dirty for his job and be okay with it. Haslam and Farmer look like they have the same ideas, same opinions and will be enthusiastic about bringing people to Cleveland. Ray was offered a job in Miami about a week ago and he turned it down. There’s many of reasons and a lot of speculation on why he did this but I honestly think a lot happened behind closed doors and here’s what I think.

On 92.3 they said there was a coaches meeting somewhere down south, that a lot of coaches were talking bad about the Browns and telling why they declined or why they think others declined, and who was head of that meeting? None other than Ray Farmer. In my mind, Ray is taking mental notes on what these guys say, whether it be about Lombardi, Banner or even the team in general, and feeding it to Haslam. I believe that led to Farmer being promoted and Haslam getting rid of Banner and Lombardi. Being called “The Three Stooges” and having T-Shirts with your faces on it doesn’t really promote your team in the way that makes people want to come here.

As for our CEO, Banner is gone and so is the role. Haslam says that Cleveland is saying Sayonara to the role and the decision makers will be Ray Farmer, Alec Scheiner and Mike Pettine, they’ll report to Haslam as a CEO would.

So is this season doomed? Only time will tell, but I’m staying optimistic, Ray Farmer knows what he wants to do and knows how to get it done, sure the shakeup is a road bump, but Farmer is like a brand new Chevy who isn’t affected by them and this season looks good.


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