Rumor: Ray Farmer May Be Leaning Towards Not Taking A QB With The 4th Pick


This is a VERY young rumor, and very undeveloped.  I’m not terribly confident in it just yet, but there is some writing on the wall that leads me to believe there’s some merit to it, so I’m passing it along.

I’m hearing some little birds mentioning that Ray Farmer may be interested in taking a player other than a Quarterback with the #4 pick, or possibly trading down a few spots to stock more picks in this draft or next years draft.  Farmer has been rumored to be hot on Oregon QB Marcus Mariota, and with Brian Hoyer doing well in his rehab from last seasons ACL tear, the new Browns GM may be looking to next year to land his franchise Quarterback.  I’ve heard that Farmer may be interested in taking Clemson WR Sammy Watkins at 4, or possibly trading down with a team like the Raiders, who are hungry for a franchise QB themselves.  In a recent Q&A, Farmer said the

Q: The guy you have in mind, would you take him at No. 4?

A: I’d say that No. 4 is not necessarily where I would take the guy that I like. Again, it may not be the name that everybody thinks is the latest, greatest, and the easy one to spot. There’s definitely an art to selecting people in the draft and it’s finding the right name that fits who you want to be.

Which, again, could be a smokescreen, or a prep for the fan base to get ready to take someone other than a QB in the first round.

Again, this is a young rumor, so take it as is.  But, while it would be shocking I’m sure to the local media and fans, the writing is again on the wall for the Browns to shake things up.


Shawn is an Army Sergeant, Husband to @MrsStarr, dad to three and aspiring Browns writer. You can follow Shawn on Twitter @ShawnMStarr or the page @DawgPoundNews


3 thoughts on “Rumor: Ray Farmer May Be Leaning Towards Not Taking A QB With The 4th Pick

  1. I have been praying the Browns dont pick QB at 4! No QB in this draft worth 4. You can totally stack this team, let Hoyer player, and look at the elite QB crop next year


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