DevilDawg’s 1st Mock

The NFL season never really ends. As we go through the combine, it is likely that some players will move up and down the draft boards. We also have free agency starting just around the corner, so our needs may change based on who we keep and who we bring in. Below is my best guess and it is predicated on us resigning Mack and Ward. I used Fanspeak to run this mock and I went with the bet player available philosophy.

Round 1-4 – Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Ok, I know everyone is in love with Manziel after his recent interview with some Texas paper; but, I don’t see him being there at 4. I am also aware that WR is probably the deepest position in this draft. Lastly, I think Cleveland needs to use this draft to select the best player available. So we end up with Watkins. I love this kid. Watch him at the 1:04 mark. He bounces off a tackle and then turns on the jets to out run the Georgia defense. With him opposite Gordon and Cameron underneath our offense has the potential to be lethal.

Round 1-26 – David Yankey, G, Stanford

This pick is not sexy. We need help at guard to give Hoyer more of a chance to scan the field and get the ball into the hands of his weapons. Yankey moves well for a big man and did a fair amount of pulling on the Stanford o-line. I think he is an upgrade over our current personnel and fits what Shanahan wants on the o-line.

Round 2-35 – Lamarcus Joyner, S, Florida St.

During the Super Bowl we saw what speed on defense can do. Joyner FLIES!!! He is on the small side at 5-8 190 lbs. but he packs a wallop. Reminds me of an Earl Thomas. I live in South Carolina and get plenty of ACC games. Every single game I watched with Florida St. I heard the announcer call his name multiple times. This kid is a playmaker. Here is a great article on him:

Round 3-71 – Christian Jones, ILB, Florida St.

I like Craig Robertson, really I do, but he got abused last year. Check out this video and watch him keep up with Sammy Watkins. He can cover backs and Tight Ends. He even has the ability to stick with some receivers. He is a sure tackler, but not much of a thumper.

Round 3-83 – Zach Mettenberger

This is an AFCN type QB. He is not going to win any foot races, but neither did Bernie. I think he would be great to develop behind Hoyer for the next couple of years. The kid has a good arm and adequate mobility.

Round 4-102 – Terrance West, RB, Towson

I know what you’re saying…Towson?!?!? Do they even have a football team? Well yes they do and Terrance West is their running back. He has good vision and decent speed. I have several friends that attend Towson and they rave about his ability. I did not see him truck too many people, but he does seem to be able to pick up decent chunks of yardage. He also has good hands and the ability to pass block. I think he is good value in round 4.

Round 4-123 – Deion Belue, CB, Alabama

Lots of SEC guys in this mock. Shawn highlighted him in his first mock as a good value.  He played his senior season with a nagging toe injury and still managed to be a leader on the Alabama D. He is 5-11 and 183 with speed in the low 4.4s. I think he could come in and push Skrine back to covering the slot receiver.

Round 5-133 – De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

This pick is strictly best player available and he makes a nice weapon. No he is not going to go in on 4th and 1 to pound out an extra yard. But with Thomas and Watkins accompanying Gordon and Benjamin, I like our speed. Couple that with a Shanahan offense, and I like our chances of scoring some TDs next year. Thomas is a change of pace back that should do well in a zone running scheme.

Round 6-164 – David Fales, QB, San Jose State

This is a good value pick. Last year I recall some media types predicting Fales as a low first round second round pick in this upcoming draft. A change in coaching staff lead to him having a bad year. He is more mobile than Mettenberger, good accuracy, but lacks the elite arm. Here is a good analysis on him

Round 7-195 – J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU

Obi did a lot for our team last year. He played his heart out and left it all on the field. Obi is not a FB. Enter J.C. Copeland. Copeland is big and mean and nasty. He is also surprisingly quick. The video below highlights his lead blocking ability. If you go back and watch the Mettenberger video at the 1:24 and the 4:20 mark you see his quickness and ability to catch the ball.

The more I listen to Pettine and Farmer, the more I think they are less focused on bringing in a QB with the 1st pick and more focused on bringing in their type of football players. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “DevilDawg’s 1st Mock

  1. Dude! we think alot alike. Here was my mock from FanSpeak:










    Id sit Manziel this year and let Hoyer pilot this O to 9-7 & Playoffs, Baby!


    • Pretty nice mock here, I must say.
      I have the Browns taking Clowney at 4 though, I dont see them drafting any QB’s because none of them I think would be better QB’s than Hoyer. Also, Free Agency does have nice WR options, so hats why I dont have them taking a WR. The D needs some more meat up front, and I can’t see them passing on a guy like Clowney.
      What do you think of the Browns taking Carlos Hyde or TJ Yeldon at 26?


      • I am not sure about Clowney at 4. D-line is one of the Browns strengths. I do not see the need for bringing Clowney in. As for FA receivers I do not see any that are worth the money they likely will demand. WR is deep in this draft and draft picks are cheaper than free agents. I personally think 26 is too high for Hyde. My guess is Hyde goes in round 2-3. Yeldon is not available until next year at the earliest. I like both of their running styles.


    • If Hoyer is starter they will win at last 10 games personally.
      I dont see them taking DAT, I think Chip gets him first. The Browns like Obi, and FB is a dying role in the NFL. That pick is better spend on depth.
      The West pick provoked some thought. Being from Baltimore, I have to say he can run!
      I dont think Manziel falls into the 2nd, I think he does go high in the first, I have him going to the Texans.
      Why so many QB’s?


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