Cory’s Mock Draft Rounds 4-7

Well folks as I promised here is part 2 of my mock draft rounds 4-7. In these rounds we are going to fill a few more offensive needs and work on the defensive side of the ball. I hope you all enjoy and I can’t wait to hear your opinion on my first ever mock draft.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy.  You can check out the first part here.

4th Round, 102nd Overall Pick

Jordan Tripp Linebacker, Montana

So with the 102nd pick Cleveland gets a great pass rusher who is well under the radar but has huge upside! Coming in at 6’3″, 237 pounds Tripp is a very solid athlete with great hands and a nose for getting to the QB. He went to a small school but after watching tape if at a bigger program he would be an early second round pick in my opinion. This pick may be a bit of a gamble but i believe Pettine and O’Neal get great production out of him in their scheme and he ends up being a solid pick that pays off for the next 10 years.

4th Round, 123rd Overall Pick

Chris Davis CB, Auburn

Name doesn’t sound familiar? Well, Chris Davis is the man who forever crushed the crimson tides hopes at another nation championship when he ran back a missed field goal all the way back to the house that put Auburn in the national championship game. But if you watch the tape on Davis he is a very solid corner to pit across from Joe Haden.  He is around the same height as Haden and has the ability to stay out on an island by himself, and really lock down a number 2 receiver. He has great hands and speed as well. His return game makes him even more of an attribute to the team as the Browns lost all hope after Benjamin went down with an ACL injury. So adding Davis would add depth on special teams along with working into a starting role on defense.

5th Round, 133rd Overall Pick

De’Anthony Thomas, Running Back Oregon

So in my draft simulator somehow Thomas somehow fell clear to round 5. How you might ask? I have absolutely no idea, but i am not complaining one bit that he fell to us. The guy is an absolute freak when it comes to speed and agility and can flat-out just fly. I see him playing the similar role of a Percy Harvin or Tavon Austin and he and Hyde lined up in the same backfield makes me nervous for the opposing defense. This is a steal at this point in the draft and I love that he is ours lets rejoice browns fans in a freak of an athlete.

6th Round, 164th Overall Pick

Lamin Barrow, Inside Linebacker LSU

Lamin is another player that fell because he isn’t a polished tackler yet but is a damn good athlete. He has great sideline to sideline speed and is quick to react off the ball, but he doesn’t always wrap up and sometimes misses or just doesn’t finish a tackle. Pettine is the type of coach that is going to do everything in his power to get the most out of his players, and Barrow will be one of those project guys that Petting and O’Neal can work with for a few years to polish up his technique and become a solid depth guy on the roster or maybe even pair him with former LSU teammate Mingo.

7th Round, 195th Overall Pick

Vinnie Sunseri, Safety, Alabama

With this pick i kind of wanted to take a stab at Aaron Murray from Georgia, but that’s not the way the simulator wanted to go. Instead we ended up with Vinnie Sunseri out of Alabama. Now Sunseri is only here because an ACL put him all the way in the 7th round, but none the less he is still a very solid safety when healthy. He can be a ballhawk at times but i just don’t see enough consistency in his tape to start him anytime soon he needs work but still a solid pick here in the late rounds to add some depth in the secondary which behind Ward and Gibson we have none.

So there you go folks my first full stab at a mock draft, i know its a work in progress and i will probably have 4 more by the time the draft gets here but feel free to give me your opinion on it and let me know what you think of the way this draft shaped up for the Cleveland Browns. Thanks for reading everyone.


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