Cory’s 2014 Browns Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

So this is my first stab at a Cleveland Browns 2014 mock draft. This is just how I see things going from the tape that I have watched over the year and a few sleepers along the way. So with that said let’s get my first mock rolling!

1st Round, 4th Overall Pick

Teddy Bridgewater, QB Louisville

By this point in the draft I believe Bortles will be gone at #1 and Manziel at #3, but by no means does Cleveland “settle” for Teddy. In my opinion he is the best QB in this draft and I cant find a single bit of tape where he looks like he should be anything less than a top 5 pick. Some question his size but that won’t be a problem after a few years in the league. Teddy does nothing but win and has poise in the pocket, goes through his progressions with ease, and doesn’t stare down his WR’s. To me I see shades of Donovan McNabb when it comes to his mobility and arm strength, which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing. If he is there at 4 Cleveland can’t pass him up.

1st Round, 26th Overall Pick

Odell Beckham Jr,  WR LSU

Cleveland needs a solid #2 across from Josh “Flash Gordon”, and Beckham is the perfect complement at this stage in the draft.  He is only 5′ 11″ and 193 LBS, but what he does have is very reliable hands and speed for days. Odell is a crisp route runner who does something that Greg Little can’t do; hold onto the ball in traffic. I don’t expect Cleveland to stop the WR picks in the first round but I believe that this will be the best pick to compliment Gordon and one that will really make Teddy Bridgewater a happy man. Beckham reminds me somewhat of Emanual Sanders with his size, speed, and great hands.

2nd Round, 35th Overall Pick

Carlos Hyde, RB Ohio State

I have to agree with Sir Shawn Starr on this one. I am never a fan of Ohio State players coming to the Browns just because they are from Ohio and us as Ohio State fans and Browns fans wanna see them stay in state and dominate the same way they did in college. But Hyde is an exception, he is just to much of a beast to not take and fill the void of the power back that Pettine and Shanahan are going to want in the late, cold, daunting months on the shores of Lake Erie where we will have to ground and pound out tough yards. He is a complete back who can pick up the blitz, catch out of the backfield, and explode through the hole for a huge run. Having Hyde, Dion Lewis and Edwin Baker in the backfield would just be scary for DC’s all season long. Hyde compares in some ways to Alfred Morris with a little more speed and burst, and we all saw what Shanahan did with him in Washington his rookie season.

3rd Round, 71st Overall Pick

Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin

Here Cleveland fills the need for a sure handed slot receiver to replace Davone Bess, who in all honesty made me look like a fool for gloating to my friends about us getting. Abbrederis just doesn’t drop passes and even in traffic and in tight windows he time and time again comes up with clutch catches and just makes it look easy. He stands at 6ft 2in tall and could even be taken out of the slot and used as a number 2 in some situations. With he, Gordon, Odell, and a health Travis Benjamin, i see the Browns receiving core as a very solid dangerous group. You add in Jordan Cameron and the offense is scary. Jared to me compares a lot to Riley Cooper of the Eagles, close in stature and production this could be the ultimate steal for Cleveland in this draft.

3rd Round, 83rd Overall Pick

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB EIU

I know so far this has been all offense, and well, it should be because we need it. I know everyone thinks that since we took Bridgewater 4th overall we shouldn’t waste a pick on another QB. My friends this by no means would be a wasted pick., Although Jimmy went to a small school and didn’t get the exposure that the other top QB’s in this draft got/get, he is the most underrated player in this draft and he will one day be a star. So let’s use the scenario that Teddy doesn’t work out or gets injured. Jimmy would get to come in and prove he wasn’t  a wasted pick and show that he could be the next big thing in the NFL. Jimmy reminds me so much of Aaron Rogers in so many ways. The quick release, the mobility, the field vision, and the ability to fit the ball into tight windows. We passed on Rogers before, so please, lets not pass on the next Rogers who will come in to this league with a huge chip on his shoulder.

This folks is the first part of my mock draft, round 4-7 will be coming soon so stay tuned and give me your feedback on what you think so far. Enjoy my fellow Brownies.

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Cory Napolitano


5 thoughts on “Cory’s 2014 Browns Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

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  2. I agree that Beckham’s hands are better than either of the Benjamin’s. That said I’d rather get a big fast guy earlier and find a smaller guy (Bruce Ellington out of SC perhaps?) a little later.

    @Diane, On the Hoyer point, let’s find guys with the best skillset and makeup. I appreciate how much Hoyer “want it” but that alone doesn’t make him a starting QB. He could well be the answer, but let’s all realize that we saw 2 games from him. If a clear upgrade is staring at us, we’ve got to make it. I feel like your points are better rationale for not going 2 deep at QB in this draft vs who we take at #4 (arguing against the Garoppolo pick vs the Bridgewater one).


  3. I agree with all your picks so far. I still say tho that Hoyer is our starting quarter back. He wants us to win and he wants to be here. He cares about this team as much as us fans do. We need a good offensive line. We have not had a solid team since coming back in 99.


  4. i agree with you dan and that is a very good point i just see alot of receiver needy teams through the mid rounds and beckham still has much better hands than benjamin imo


  5. I don’t love Beckham for our roster based on the similar size and skillset that he has to Travis Benjamin. If Evans and Lee are off the board at 26 (and you’d have to think they will be) and we don’t go Watkins at #4, I’d be tempted to go Kelvin Benjamin. At 6’4″ 220lbs he has the elite size that you want from an edge WR.


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