Report: Browns to void Davone Bess’s contract

The Browns are reportedly voiding the contract of troubled receiver Davone Bess. According to Pro Football Talk, the Browns may not cut him, but only attempt to recoup his guaranteed contract money. The team may also, and will more likely attempt to void the contract and cut ties with Bess altogether.

A team source indicated to DPN that the team believes that the process to void Bess’s contract is a formality. The teams stance is that they would not have began the process to void unless the contract language was clearly in their favor.


2 thoughts on “Report: Browns to void Davone Bess’s contract

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  2. I hope they do cut him. If they keep him all he is going to do is bring drama and distractions to the team. Lord knows we already have enough of a mess. football is a privilege and not a right. I feel the owners and the league need to crack down on these guys and tell them you get ONE SHOT AND ONE SHOT ONLY at the BRASS RING and if you blow it your gone and so is your MONEY AND CONTRACT. Go get a$ 10.00 JOB. If they would do that a lot of this nonsense would stop.


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