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Browns May Pursue Toby Gerhart In Free Agency

Jimmy Haslam Sought Advice From Bill Parcells

Peter King Absolutely Shreds The Browns, Jimmy Haslam

The Inside Story On Why Mike Lombardi/Joe Banner Were Fired (DPN Exclusive)


Jimmy Haslam Wreaking Havoc In Cleveland

QB Brandon Weeden Wants Out Of Cleveland (Haha)

Haslam Streamlines Browns Front Office


2 thoughts on “DPN Daily Sports Page

  1. I’m glad Lombardi and Banner are gone but I feel somewhat sorry for Brandon Weeden. It is not totally his fault. Look how many new coaches we have had. Each one coming in with new game plans. one year we’re running 3,4. next year the4,3. next year the wild cat. The whole team was in disarray. It takes time to get used to running plays and they were never given enough time to learn the plays. When you take your kid out to learn to drive you don’t take them out for 2hrs. and then hand them the keys and say go drive and by the way don’t get into any accidents. I blame the front office totally for the wins and losses we have endured.


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