Why the Browns should Not Drop Bess

We have all seen the pics of him lighting what appears to be a ‘joint’ or the one with a substance that appears to be marijuana on his coffee table, but still despite these incriminating social media post my question is has he ever failed a drug test? There have not been any reports to date that he has failed one.  Many of you may ask why the Browns have yet to cut Devon Bess. I may have a few theories; despite his arrest in Florida and sketchy Instagram post there has yet to be any official drug test results that would result in Bess deserving a league suspension due to the substance abuse policy.


1. Bess’s altercation with a police officer in Florida brings back that kind of aggression that Cleveland fans should want to see on the field. I mean come on how many of you were thoroughly embarrassed last season when we saw future hall of fame candidate Josh Cribbs knocked out during the Ravens game in 2012. I for sure know that I was. If we can channel that aggression and concentration on the field we will see a player that is hard-nosed and nasty that we haven’t seen on the Cleveland offense in years.

2. Despite the “hole” at quarterback the Browns offense was still a top five passing offense in the AFC and 11th in the league. This is with only three games with Hoyer at the reins of running the offense. Hoyer didn’t complete his third game where he sustained his injury yet the offense had accumulated over 4,000 passing yards for the season. Bess was the fourth top receiver on the team with 42 receptions for 362 receiving yards despite missing the last two games of the season.<br></br>

3 .Without Bess on the field Brown’s top two receivers both Pro Bowlers where both held in check held to under 100 yards each during the last two games. In fact Gordon had been held from making a big play that earned him with the nickname “Flash” recording long receptions of only 24 and 20. Only one game during the season did Gordan have a long play that resulted in less than the two without Bess. Bess may have dropped some balls over the middle and in situations that during one game would have won them the game but he stood up as a leader on the team and took responsibility. Bess has been quoted as saying that his drops are not due to the lack of stability in quarterback during an interview this past October.

4.  We put up with Jeff Garcia standing on the sidelines when his Playmate of the Year girlfriend smacked around a stripper in the flats and I don’t recall fans screaming out in droves to cut him. We waited for Kevin Mack to get out of Mansi to smash heads and cheered him on with enthusiasm when he returned but we are calling that Bess be sent packing after he got aggressive with a cop in an airport? I am not condoning his actions and he should be held fully accountable for his actions, but I want to see the Front Office and new aggressive Coach Pettine find a way to turn that aggression to on the field so we can hopefully see an impact from what was considered a sure handed slot receiver. One who can open up the down field play of our play makers, so Jimmy this pains me so much to say but follow suite of Jerry Jones. Hire Bess a babysitter and let Pettine get in his ass, and bring that aggression to the field where it belongs.

5. So despite the lack of play at the Quarterback position the Browns had a potent passing game.  Top 5 in the AFC and 11 in the league, without Bess on the field there were no passing plays longer than 20 yards in the final two games, so looking at these stats, why would the Browns be so quick to cut Bess for an off the field altercation instead of providing him a guiding hand where the Miami Dolphins failed a player who has shown he can make an impact on the field.  We had small visions of his abilities with the ankle breaking cut that put him in the endzone against the Shitbirds, so lets mold this young man to compliment a team with strong offensive potential.


One thought on “Why the Browns should Not Drop Bess

  1. If Bess is on drugs he needs to go. His drug use and off the field troubles is taking away his focus. I am so sick and tired of these guys getting into trouble and getting a slap on the wrist for it. This is a JOB and they are getting paid a lot of money. You and I have to keep our noses clean in order to keep our job why not them?


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