3 Key Reasons 2014 Is Our Year

“There’s always next year.” “This year is ours!” Super Bowl *insert mash of Roman Numerals in here* is ours!”  These are all phrases I hear every September and inevitably, the Browns (almost always) let me down. I as a fan am always confident and optimistic, but this Cleveland team isn’t too far from getting it right. Here are Three Key Reasons this is the year we do good.

1. Our Defense

Our new head coach is a defense guy. He’s had a top-ten defense every year since 2008. Our defense was top-fifteen (11-13, depends on what site you look at.) That combined with our defensive talent, I’m sure that’s a plan for destruction. Our defense seemed to fall apart towards the end, but this Pettine guy and his crew look like motivation to 7me. Jim O’Neil looks like he knows what he’s doing and it encourages me on the defensive side of the ball,

2. Our New Offensive Coordinator

I wasn’t on the Kubiak bandwagon when it stopped in Cleveland on its way to Baltimore mainly because he isn’t our type of guy. Kubiak dealt with real talent in Houston. Sure, Schaub had a bad season but he knows what he’s doing. Plus that offense had guys such as: Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, and Arian Foster. That’s talent. Kyle Shanahan had really, no one in Washington. He turned that offense around. From bottom-ten, to top-ten. That gives me hope that he can do the same here. With Hoyer coming back with Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and even Benjamin, I have optimistic thoughts.

3.  Draft & Free Agency

Now that Shanahan has joined cue the Johnny Football talk (hand me that gun please.) I’m not a huge fan of Manziel, but it’s inevitable. Shanahan dealt with speed and Manziel is the top speed guy. Going into this draft we currently have 10 total picks. That’s reason for excitement. Three wide receivers, two quarterbacks, two running backs and then top off the defense

Now free-agency. Not a lot of eye popping names are out there but I see the Browns going after a few and completing this team. I see the draft being mainly offensive and hope that the Browns go defensive during free agency. O’Neill and Pettine worked in Buffalo and that defense obviously did something right to be ranked top-ten. Our defense doesn’t need a lot, just a few rushers and I see us getting them this off season.

So those are my reasons to be excited, it may be misplaced, but none the less, I am optimistic and ready.


5 thoughts on “3 Key Reasons 2014 Is Our Year

    • Dang. Browns haven’t won a Championship since the AAFC days. At least KC got one in after the merger and I think we can go this year. I still think we should have traded for Gordon, although I can’t imagine how bad you guys would have been without him.


  1. next time anyone says we need to top off the defense im gonna fucking scream! our Defense is alright. we can afford to skip a draft on defense. we need to address the offensive line


      • I think it has alot to do with what happens to TJ Ward. I think they should make Hoyer starter and draft a couple Running Backs. They can get a cheap #2 WR in Free Agency, and they can draft a Center later in the draft if Alex Mack doesn’t re-sign. Manziel is overrated and would doom the franchise like Weeden. Browns fans should start a #NoManziel campaign and a #YesToHoyer campaign, if the Browns want to start winning.


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