The Factory of Sadness

Most Browns fans know exactly what I mean. Every Sunday, sometimes Thursdays, we get to watch our Browns play and know exactly what is coming our way. 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be a loss. A pessimistic way to look at it but the reality of rooting for the Browns. We all watch every game we can and are always are prepared for the imminent but some times we are surprised by a win. But with every loss comes the complaining of our quarterback, collapse in 2nd half, owners not knowing the difference between a coach or a water boy, and the list goes on. As fans, we know what we would like to be done and who we would play each game but, go figure, the higher ups don’t listen. Who knew? We will complain and state how much we hate something about our team but come next game, we’re glued to the tv, yelling at the refs, barking, and head to toe in Browns attire. If we win, you would swear that we just won the Super Bowl and we’re flying high. And if the Steelers lose in the same week, Oh. My. God.  We lose our minds and rub it in every chance we get. Don’t lie, you know that’s true!! Generally a joke about Worthlessburger or pathetic towel but we take full advantage of it none the less. But on the other hand, we lose said game and Steelers win….completely different story. “Hey, what happen to your Browns? They were winning by 17 but lost?! My Steelers beat our opponent!”. I mean when someone says that, there’s no argument. My response usually goes something like, “What do you expect? We have Weeden who is either color blind, high, or just plain stupid! At least when we win, we don’t have to worry about our QB raping someone in the shower.”
Either way, we go on to the next game ready for what is about to come but are sometimes rewarded with win. Cleveland is a factory of sadness but it’s part of being a Browns fan. We whine, moan, and complain but ALWAYS return for the next game cheering and screaming like it’s the AFC Championship game. We just don’t care! To us, every game is the Super Bowl because, sadly and I hate to admit it, that may be the closest we get to one anytime soon. And please remember, I am as die-hard fan as the next person but it’s the reality of our team when there’s really no long-term plan in place. We go through coaches like jock straps, the quarterbacks we bring in are either well past their prime or Weeden. It’s sad when Cleveland is known as the “place where quarterbacks go to die” but, it’s true. The only other fan base out there that is remotely close to feeling our pain is the Raiders. I’m not saying they compare by any means, but they may be the closest to feeling our pain.
Anyway, back to what I was saying. When you cheer for the Browns on tv or in person, you’re guaranteed either the highest high of a win or a depressed, pissed at the world, don’t speak to me low. But week in and week out, we return stronger than ever and root for the Browns only to repeat the following week and year.

Clay is an avid Browns fan in a sea of Steelers and Cowboys fans. He speaks his mind on every team and loves to put satire in everything he does. You can follow him on Twitter @lhvfd34 or add him on Facebook.


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