Happy First Birthday, Dawg Pound Nation



It’s kind of crazy to think about, but DPN is celebrating its first birthday today.  Crazy both that this project has survived for a year, and crazy because of how quickly it’s grown.

We first got started during the head coaching search that led to Chud.  I was providing the play by play on my personal facebook, which I felt was unfair to my friends who don’t care about football. So I made the Facebook page and the original website so my buddies and I had a place for updates and Browns talk.  We chose the name “Pound Of Sadness”, playing off the factory of sadness and Dawg Pound names.

As time went on, I made a few memes to share with our original group. They shared them, and friends of friends started to like the page, and we grew.  Very slowly, mind you.  We never broke 200 total followers combined on the blog, FB, and Twitter combined.  Then, I made THE meme.


With that one goofy picture, we got shared by the Alan Cox Show, Rover’s Morning Glory and thousands of people on Facebook.  That one picture reached well over a million people, and our Facebook page suddenly had thousands of followers.

For the website, our explosion came as a result of one article, which was never meant to be more than a slightly humorous musing on the “rules” that come with being a Browns fan. The 10 Browns Fan Commandments seemed to strike a cord though, and a website that was lucky to get 50 people viewing it a day was suddenly getting a ton of traffic.

It’s been a cool ride so far. To close out our first year, we’ve added multiple new staff writers, we’ve covered another coaching change, gotten some cool breaks on news stories, and made a ton of funny pictures. We’ve met some great people, have been blessed with an amazing core of followers (particularly our Facebook crowd, who are generally awesome), and we’re just getting started. I’m excited to see where next year takes us. Thank you all again for your support, your help and everything you all provide. The Dawg Pound is truly a unique, terrifying and wonderful thing.
Happy First Birthday DPN, you sexy thang!


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