5 Reasons Mike Pettine Will Succeed

I would like to say that I wasn’t a supporter of the Chud firing. The front office basically gave the man a type writer and axed him because he couldn’t send e-mails with it. Fast forward 6 weeks and we have Mike Pettine. A hard-nosed, gritty, blue-collar head coach that holds his players accountable. So, on to the reasons that I think he’s the man who will ride in on the white horse and lead this team out of the NFL cellar.


This is a word that I’m not positive was in Chuds vocabulary.  Had Mike Pettine been the coach last year Devon Bess would have been at home dropping instagram bombs with the devils lettuce by mid-season.  I understand that Chud was a players coach, but to march that guy on the field week after week was about as bad a move as he made all year.  This can not, and will not happen with Pettine.

     3-4 Defense,  I would have literally pulled what remaining hair i have, out of my head, if we would have hired Quinn.  Not so Much because he’s a bad coach, but to go from a 4-3 defense in 2012 to a 3-4 in 2013 back to a 4-3 in 2014 is the definition of dysfunctional. this team blossomed in a 3-4 defense until they seemed to give up at the end of the year. Players like Mingo, Krueger, and hopefully Ward will flourish in Pettines attacking Defense. It should be a seamless transition.

     Josh Gordon, if this guy keeps his nose clean he could be the next coming of Jesus Christ to Cleveland Browns fans. No matter who is throwing the ball next year, Flash Gordon will be the key to offensive success.He is a fast, 6’5, flat-out red zone MONSTER. Whoever is taking snaps next year ( from whoever is snapping the ball for that matter) will benefit greatly from this once a decade talent. Line up Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans on the opposite side and dare i say it…. Playoffs.

     6 Probowlers,  Is it just me or does this team closely resemble the Kansas City Chiefs (minus Jamal Charles) last year? New coach, multiple pro bowlers the previous year, and the biggest thing of all, a fresh start.  This team is a bona-fide QB away from being a serious playoff contender. if Brian Hoyer doesn’t get hurt last year I’m not sure I am even writing this blog now. It’s all on the front office now to make the right decisions and get a QB in here that can take us to the promise land. We have the roster to do it Browns fan, we just need a field general.

 10 Draft picks, I know we haven’t had the best luck in the draft lately, especially the lower rounds, but this year things need to change. Having 10 picks, 5 of which are in the top 100, should at the very least add some much-needed depth to a roster that could be losing 2 pro bowlers to free agency. If the front office wants to turn this thing around and stop passing the blame, they need to hit on these early draft picks.  I know I’m not making the picks but i would rather have Sammy Watkins than Johnny (college) “Football”.  Call me a homer but i would really love to see them draft Carlos Hyde in the 2nd or 3rd. The guy has undeniable talent and this team needs a thunder to Dion Lewis’ lightning.

Whatever they do in this years draft and free agency i hope it works out. The browns are becoming a hard sell to my 7 and 5-year-old children who have hardly seen a glimmer of hope in their short time here on earth.    I will not stand for a Squeeler fan in my immediate family. So please, Mr. Haslem and company, do whatever it takes to save me the embarrassment of my child coming home in black and yellow one day.


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