Mike Who?

As soon as the Browns introduced Mike Pettine as the 15th head coach in franchise history, mostly everyone was thinking “Who is this guy?”. Just like Rob Chudzinski, no other team interviewed him as a candidate for the head coaching vacancy. As a Browns fan you are thinking the worse as most of us do. Pettine’s appearance has been compared to look like WWE’s “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Vin Diesel, and Pawn Stars Rick Harrison. Hopefully Pettine can open up a can of “whoop ass” when the Browns face the division rivals (the Bengals, Steelers, Ravens) and can strike a deal with a franchise Quarterback.

As a fan, you get tried of consistently hearing; “Oh, there’s always next year” One thing Pettine did say was that impressed me was that he “isn’t in Cleveland to win press conferences”, he wants to win football games. Pettine seems like a smash-mouth type of coach who holds his players accountable but wants to win, but doesn’t every coach that comes to Cleveland? When you hire a former Baltimore Ravens assistant, the eyebrows tend to go up due to the fact of the Brown’s leaving in 1995 and moving to Baltimore.

No matter who the Coach, Owner, General Manager, President, or Quarterback; Browns fans tend to hear the same two words: Next Year. This time though, the Brown’s may have finally got it right. You have a guy who knows how to build a great defense, a great NFL draft coming up where more then likely end of with a “Franchise Quarterback”, Improving young players who have had time to adjust to the NFL, but the best of all, New score boards and stadium seating. Let’s just say no matter what they do to the stadium, that doesn’t help a NFL team win but it makes spending $200 for tickets to a game a little bit better. Overall, I think every Brown’s fan and every person in the world would like to see the Brown’s get better. It’s crazy how much these people get paid to put a 4-12 team on the field every year. As a coach, no matter what level of talent you have you should be able to alter your game plane to best fit your players. One thing that Mike Pettine really hit on the nail in my eyes was when he said that he would evaluate the players and find a scheme that would best fit the team. Now that’s a coach who wants to win and is willing to alter his game plan to win football games. As a die hard Brown’s fan, I hope they can get the act together and put out a team that is deserving to make the playoffs. Like always, Go Brown’s.

Payton is a writer for Dawg Pound Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @paytondearth


2 thoughts on “Mike Who?

  1. I sure hope we got the right head coach. I think the best thing that could happen for this team is to get rid of Banner and Limbardie. They know very little about football. They need to stay in the front office and let the coach run the team as he sees fit. If they want to call all the shots then get your butt down on the field and run the team. Why hire a head coach if they want to run the show.


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