Reasons Why Browns Fans Are Better Than Other Fans

So sitting here looking at all these memes on the internet and after watching and listening to other people, I’ve came to the conclusion that the Browns have the best fans in sports…….PERIOD! Whether you are at the game, a bar, or your home, there is no doubt that you can find the die hard fans in a second. Here’s a list that I’ve came up with that suppports my thinking…..


Remember that bull crap review AFTER the Browns ran the next play? If not, then you obviously aren’t the fan you claim to be. This game got called with 0:48 left due to fans throwing anything and everything they could pick up, most of which was beer bottles. The referees and Jacksonville both were on the receiving end of this “Rain from Hell”, as I call it.

Rain, Snow, or Shine, We’re There!

It gets cold in the winter.  And fall and spring, really.

It gets cold in the winter. And fall and spring, really.

With the stadium on the shore of Lake Erie, we get only the best weather possible. The wind swirls through the stadium and cuts right through to the bone. Add rain or snow to the mix and you have completely weeded out any fair weather fan we may have. But hey! Whether it’s 60 and sunny or -10 with ice and snow, you can always bet on a dozen or so shirtless fans barking with no care in the world along with the rest of us under 3-4 Browns layers.

We Are Incredibly Thick Skinned

Skin like an alligator.

Skin like an alligator.

It’s a given that being a fan of our beloved Browns, you have to endure more than any fan should. Blowouts, losing after holding 14 point leads, quarterback issues, and, of course, “The Rebuild Process”. Most fans would’ve jumped ship and jumped on the bandwagon of another team years ago.  But not Browns fans. We tough it out, complain, and take all the jokes that everyone dishes out. We just laugh it off, dust off our shoulders, and go on to next weeks game. We also have to endure the highs one minute of holding a lead and being the Cinderella story to the lows of blowing our lead and losing in the final seconds.  They didn’t call them to “Kardiac Kids” back in the day for no reason.

We Don’t Have Little Yellow Towels


So tough.

Uhhhh, yeah. I mean really? Let’s try to intimidate the other team with a yellow towel. We have fans that bark and bite. I fear the Dawg Pound more than a curtain and towel. The only yellow you’ll see in Cleveland is either the Cavs jerseys or penalty flags.

Fan Jerseys

It's sad to me how many more names are on this now.

It’s sad to me how many more names are on this now.

Unlike most teams who have the same star players year in and out, Browns fans will buy a jersey and be stuck with it knowing there’s a good chance that player won’t be there next week, let alone next year. I know personaly I have  Couch, Quinn, and Hillis jerseys. I wear them with pride for the simple fact that they support the Brown and Orange. Anymore, it seems like the only jersey you can count on seeing each year is Chomps.

“There’s Always Next Year”

There's always next year.  And the year after.  And the year after...

There’s always next year. And the year after. And the year after…

We know not all seasons go as planned, for instance, this past year Brian Hoyer had us tied for first in the AFC North. Yeah, you read that right!! Then in true Browns fashion, he goes down with an injury and in comes Weeden. Do I really need to say much else? Then when Weeden went down, in comes Campbell. Jason Campbell, who had some success earlier in his career, didn’t really come to life this year but kept us in the running more so than our other choice. But as I was saying, not everything goes as planned. Most fans panic and start pointing fingers and prepare to jump to another team. Browns fans, well.. I don’t even have to say it because as you read this, you know exactly what to say (if not, look at the title to this reason). It’s our team motto, unofficially of course, and we just come to accept the fact that there’s always a brighter side to things and good will come our way.

The Dawg Pound

The Dawg Pound

The Dawg Pound

Beer drinking, dog bone eating, barking, drooling, die hard maniacs. What more do I need to say?

You can agree with me or disagree and I know there’s a ton more reasons why we are the best fans but these 7 are just a few that I came up with. There’s nothing I want more than to see my Browns in the Super Bowl but I’m happy with keeping the team in Cleveland and not shipping them out to another city. Even if they do, we will all still be the die hard fans that strike fear to teams that come to The Pound.


6 thoughts on “Reasons Why Browns Fans Are Better Than Other Fans

  1. 1 thing that I enjoy is that being a “out of state fan” (Seattle BROWNS Backers ch#239!) most people around here don’t really talk smack to me. Like Raiders and Pinchedturd fans do. And, I’ve been told I’m respected, by some, for never jumping on the seahacks’ whatever wagon, and respect that we are LOYAL, TRUE FANS! (Unlike the “fans” here, who change jerseys like the rain!) I think that’s pretty cool. 😀


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