One Big Post: Patience And Loyalty

Here we go again.

The “new” Cleveland Browns front office has, in under two years, taken me from “cautiously optimistic” to “increasingly pessimistic”.  It shouldn’t surprise me I suppose, but here we are nevertheless.  It isn’t so much the (in my opinion) premature firing of Chud, or the seemingly endless search for his replacement. It’s the feeling that this, and other, major decisions are being made without much thought to the consequences or with a plan in mind.

Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner are quick to ask for trust and patience from the fans. It comes across to me as they feel we aren’t being patient.  Browns fans, but being patient?  Fuck you, front office.  We’ve shown inhuman patience and loyalty.  Lifetimes of loyalty. Literally, my entire life has been spent being patiently loyal to a failed franchise. Don’t question our patience or our loyalty.

Why the pessimism? Because while we were busy being patient and loyal, other egotistical pricks (the ones before these egotistical pricks) were busy turning our once proud franchise into a running punchline. Failed coaches, failed draft picks, failed free agents. Failure has a distinct smell, and it’s pungent aroma is once again noticeably coming from Browns Headquarters in Berea.

So when you fire the coach you picked after 11 months, and promise change and swear to get it right this time, you’ll have to excuse us if we chose to question everything you do. If we expect to see results before we trust you to make the right call. We’ve been patiently, loyally waiting for a very long time.


One thought on “One Big Post: Patience And Loyalty

  1. Amen ! All I want to see is results on the field, a winning record, trips into the play offs and, God willing before I die, a superbowl victory ! I’ve been a loyal fan since 1960 (yea I”m that fucking old), been thru some really good times, lived through “Red Right 88”, “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, “The Move”, and “The New Browns”. . . ENOUGH ALREADY. . .


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