Josh McDaniels Reportedly Declines The Browns Head Coaching Job

According to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels has declined the Head Coaching vacancy with the Cleveland Browns.
What does this mean?  It’s oddly troubling, as much as many (myself included) did not love the idea of McDaniels being named the Browns next Head Coach.  McDaniels is by no means a hot commodity in the NFL coaching circles, his reputation still suffering from an objective failure in Denver.  The part that should concern the Browns organization though is the fact that a second rate coaching prospect would turn down their position.  These things will happen when you fire your Head Coach after less than 12 months on the job, but it seems as though the Front Office underestimated how much the Chud firing would damage their credibility with coaching candidates.
At this point, the short list of possible Browns coaching candidates grows even shorter.  To date, the only coach left on the Browns interview list is Ben McAdoo today.  They’ve been rumored to have interest in Vanderbilt’s James Franklin, but he is heavily rumored to be taking the opening at Penn State.  Adam Gase remains the lone Browns coaching candidate that is rumored to be of interest to the team that they can possibly interview.  At this point, it seems that perhaps hiring a QB coach instead of a seasoned head coach or even coordinator may be the Browns last options.  This won’t end badly, I’m sure.


In short, chaos reigns supreme once more in Berea.  Great job Jimmy H and Joe Banner, keep up the great work.


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