Shawn Ranks The Browns QB Draft Prospects

I get this question a lot, so I figured I would write something up to give a source to my readers.  Let’s take a look at my favorite Browns QB Draft Prospects.


10.  Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech, 6’6″, 254 lbs

Logan Thomas, to be clear, is not a first round QB.  He’s projected to go in the 6-7th round range, so if the Browns grabbed him, it would be late and as a developmental pick.  That said, he’s got a lot to like.  The comparison is often made to him being a poor man’s Cam Newton, and it’s not hard to see why.  He’s massive at 6’6″, 254lbs.  He’s got some moves, and a good arm.

9.  Tajh Boyd, Clemson. 6’1″, 225 lbs

Tajh Boyd has fallen further than I would have imagined on my QB board.  He started the season near the top of my list, and now I’ll honestly be pretty disappointed if the Browns take him before the 4th round.  He showed that he still has the raw abilities as a QB, but he failed again and again to show up in big moments this season.  He’s still worth considering in the later rounds, but he’s not a 1st or 2nd round pick at all.

8.  Aaron Murray, Georgia, 6’1″, 208 lbs

Aaron Murray is a lot of Browns fans favorite to be their 1st take at QB.  I would hope though that the injury concerns would cause those folks to pump the brakes a bit.  He’s unlikely to be in any position to play in camp next year because of his ACL injury.  That being said, Murray has a great delivery, quick release and a great ability to move in the pocket and re-set quickly.  He lacks the size you want in the NFL though, and is often batted down at the line of scrimmage.

7.  David Fales, San Jose State, 6’2″, 220 lbs

David Fales is a better version of Aaron Murray in my opinion.  He’s got excellent speed on releases, is outstanding in pre-snap reads and field vision.  He has a great poise and confidence on the field, is unafraid to take hits and generally bounces up after contact.  He is a natural leader who shows great command on the field.  That said, he lacks elite arm strength and struggles on 15 yard plus passes, delivering more lobs than lasers down field.  He tends to be a little over confident.

6.  Jimmy Garoppollo, Eastern Illinois, 6’2″ 220 lbs

Jimmy G. has long been this drafts dark horse.  He has amazing accuracy, very quick release and good delivery.  He moves well in the pocket to avoid hits and extend plays without relying on his legs to extend plays.  He will get passed by quite a few teams because of his average arm strength, and that could be the very reason the Browns pass on him.

5.  AJ McCarron, Alabama, 6’3″ 214 lbs

There is a reason that many Browns fan feel AJ McCarron should be the future face of the franchise.  He has outstanding leadership, good arm strength, outstanding accuracy and protects the football.  He’s won big games, showed up well and not tried to force the football.  That said, the reason I drop him down is that I don’t think his arm has enough power to thrive in the Browns preferred system.  He’s a little slow in movement, and doesn’t like to take shots deep.

4.  Zach Mettenberger, LSU, 6’5″, 235 lbs

Met has a great arm and great size.  He can take a lot of punishment and still play.  He is very, very smart, can quickly learn a system and make any throw you want him to.  He’s got good step up, good pocket presence, and has improved more than any college QB in terms of keeping focused on receivers when the pocket is collapsing.  He’s hurt, and that’s going to probably drop him from the Browns first pick.

3.  Blake Bortles, UCF, 6’3″, 227 lbs

Bortles has moved from not being on my list to being one of the 4 guys I could see the Browns taking with their first pick.  He hasn’t declared for the draft yet, but if he does, there are many experts who think the Browns will take him.  He’s got a lot to like.  Prototype NFL QB size, good arm strength, good zip on delivery, Very smooth release, great mechanics, and outstanding pocket presence.  He has outstanding vision and an excellent sense of his peripheral and feel for whats happening on a play.  I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Browns took Bortles.

2.  Derek Carr, Fresno State, 6’3″, 235 lbs

Derek Carr and Brett Hundley are the odds on favorite in my eyes for the Browns top pick, with Bortles a close 3rd.  Carr has a great arm, excellent delivery and accuracy, and great pocket presence.  He can make any throw you want, move when needed, and has terrific poise in the pocket.  He only has one game with more than one interception, and has shown himself to be a true top 10 QB prospect.

1.  Brett Hundley, UCLA. 6’3″, 222 lbs

The thing that impresses me the most about Hundley, who has yet to declare for this years NFL draft, isn’t his great arm strength, accuracy or speedy legs.  It’s his ability to make plays without much in the way of an offensive line, and his willingness to take shots downfield even with defenders in proximity.  He has a very quick set up and release, and can consistently hit receivers in stride.  He has excellent quickness and feel in the pocket, often avoid pass rush and extending plays with his mobility.  He’s my favorite if he does enter the draft.


3 thoughts on “Shawn Ranks The Browns QB Draft Prospects

  1. Shawn :

    First – I like Hoyer/Campbell to play in 2014 more than any of these choices.

    Second – Thanks to H&H Weeden has a totally guaranteed contract for 2014 and a 90% guaranteed contract for 2015 all of which must be paid w/in 30 days if Weeden is cut. Unless they find a trading partner there is no space on the roster for another QB.


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