An Ode To Browns Fans

I am a Cleveland Browns fan, a member of the Dawg Pound,

I’ve been through a lot, many Sunday’s I’ve frowned,

With friends in the Muni-Lot, my sorrows I’ve drowned,

In hopes that one day, winning will make its way back around.

But no matter the score, no matter the heartbreak,

On Sunday’s at the stadium, I’ll still help make the earth shake,

I’ll scream and I’ll bark, they’ll hear me out on the lake,

And tomorrow morning, my throat it will ache.

I’ve been a fan since long ago, way back when

Back when the Kardiac Kids made me grin,

Back before The Move made us start over again,

Back when the Browns were Gods among men.

These past 14 years, they’ve been tough,

Watching Weeden’s and Dorsey’s, man its been rough,

Watching plays and punts constantly get muffed,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

But here I am, still Orange and Brown do I bleed,

Barking still about the Dawg Pound creed,

Believing some day this team might succeed,

So again in Cleveland they’ll say, Championships we breed.

Because we’re the reason this team still exists,

When that fuck Modell tried to leave, we put up our fists,

We kept our History, the NFL did assist,

But that doesn’t mean that we’re not still pissed.

I hate that team that left, the one in Baltimore,

And though he’s dead, Modell I still abhor,

I hope they can feel it, when they come to our shore,

By beating them badly, our glory we can restore.

I hate that other team, the ones in yellow and black,

Their fans are annoying, a pain in my back,

One day I’d love to get the lot of them in a pack,

And use a two by four to deliver one big smack.

I’m off topic, this is Believeland,

One day a great franchise we’ll again command,

Then we can all get in the Dawg Pound and stand,

Barking and woof’ing, it will be most grand.

So don’t lose heart, don’t let hope fail you,

We can’t give up after all we’ve been through,

Think about the good karma we’ve had to accrue,

And if that doesn’t work just have a drink or two.

Being a Browns fan isn’t easy, but it’s worth it,

Though at times it’s extra difficult, I’ll admit,

But, aw hell, we’ll get our Championship in a bit,

If you’re with me, give me a Woof and that Dawg Pound Spirit!


Bark Right Here

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