Ask Shawn: October 29th Edition

Felix Asks:  Why is Cameron not being utilized like he should be in critical 3rd down scenarios?

I think he got a bit more involved in the offense with Campbell playing, and I think you’ll likely see that role continue to grow back to near what it was when Hoyer was starting.  The thing is, there are very few designed TE plays in most offensive system.  The great thing about having a TE like Cameron is if you have a QB who can go through his progressions properly, you’ll see the TE get a lot of good looks because of the ability to create mismatches in the secondary, and because they generally are going to be on a safer pass catching route.  Since Weeden simply would not look past his first option, Cameron went silent.  Campbell made a point to get the ball out fast to slow the formidable Kansas City pass rush, which clearly worked as they only sacked Campbell once all game (KC was the 1st ranked NFL pass rush going in to Sunday’s game), but it also limited the amount of looks that Cameron got.  In games where the pass rush isn’t so constant, you should see Cameron get more involved.


Randy Asks:  Will the Cleveland Browns find a franchise quaterback this draft or have better luck drafting new running back that can get 1,000 yards on the ground?

First, I do think the Browns will get their guy in this draft at QB.  With the amount of picks they have stockpiled, there is no reason to think they shouldn’t be able to trade up if needed to ensure they get who they want (from what I’m hearing more and more, that guy is Brett Hundley of UCLA), and I have enough confidence in this front office to think they’ll make the right move.
As to the running back situation, I don’t see the Browns drafting high.  I could see them grabbing a guy with one of their third round picks, and looking to sign the Texans Ben Tate (who is a free agent this off season).  You have to remember, Dion Lewis will be back next season, and he is the type of guy Chud/Norv love to use.  Expect to see the Browns use 2-3 backs, a la the New Orleans Saints, and get their yardage there.  Don’t count on seeing one back get a thousand yards, but I’d bet with the right 3 they’ll get over that mark.


Tim Asks:  Why didn’t they leave Bess in Kansas City? Why would they allow him to return here with the rest of the team?

Hehe, now where would the fun in that be?  In seriousness though, while I’ve given Bess a hard time about his rough run on Sunday and his drop issues this season, the fact is that he’s had quite a few years of reliable production in the NFL.  I have to think the coaching staff (and I agree with them in this) assume that Bess is going to get over whatever mental yips he has and get back to normal.  That, and we don’t have another punt returner on the roster that I’m aware of, outside of maybe Greg Little.


Erick Asks:  Will we get rid of butterfingers Bess?

I wouldn’t count on it.  Honestly, the Browns don’t really stand to gain at all by cutting Bess now.  Now, I still think maybe he should sit for a week or so to drive the point home that mistakes will have consequences, but I wouldn’t cut him.  I still think the odds are in favor of Bess rebounding and getting back to being a productive, veteran player.


Kayle Asks:  Y are they talking about trading 2 of our better player? They wonder y we don’t have a team… They need to let them play as a team for more then a week before they make major changed….

The trade rumors around Josh Gordon are really Josh Gordon’s fault.  I would love to be mad at the Browns organization for them, but this mess is really on Gordon’s shoulders.  The fact is, he’s a big risk if the Browns keep him, and his trade value will likely never be greater than what is is at the moment.  He is a game changer on the field, and he has the physical skill set to be a big time WR.  That said, the odds are pretty good that he’s going to get busted for drugs again at some point and have to sit out a full season.  I say the odds are good because he has failed a drug test every single year of his pro and college football career (at LEAST one), and at least two that we know of in High School.  He got kicked out of two college programs over drugs, and has been nailed by the NFL twice (with a third rumored initial offense), and is already facing his third strike in only his second pro season.  Now, I don’t necessarily think the Browns should trade Gordon, but if the right offer came along, they’d be nuts to not consider it.  And that is completely, 100% Josh Gordon’s fault.


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