Thrashing Thursday (Written by Orange and Brown)

I am going to be selecting players to analyze on certain days of the week. Today is Thrashing Thursday, where I will analyze a skill position player.

Today I will analyze Josh Gordon.

Everybody has at least heard of Gordon. He can beat out a double or triple coverage better than most receivers. He leads the NFL in YAC (Yards after catch) since the beginning of last year, and this past week was another direct demonstration of his masterpiece-acumen. He hauled in 7 catches for 126 yards, yet strangely enough did not find the end zone. And this year, Jordan Cameron has emerged as a threat, meaning defenses need to take some attention off of Gordon and on to Cameron. In short, there’s no way to cover this guy and he has Megatron-like potential. Now, the bad, Gordon has horrid attitude problems, is not a good teammate, and has had off the field issues frequently. His debut this season was delayed due to the use of performance enhancing drugs, and he is considered to be a “not very nice person” as was quoted from an anonymous Browns player. However, his performance on the field speaks volumes, and I look forward to him hopefully being with Cleveland for awhile.

-Orange and Brown


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