Revisiting Trent Richardson Trade

A quarter of the season has come and gone since the Browns traded away their “Franchise Running Back” and “Face of their Offense”.  This year was supposedly thrown out the window and the front office was asking the fans to watch yet another season of well below average football.  With the fan base torn, between the aforementioned thoughts and whether this trade actually benefitted the browns in the long term yet alone the short term outlook of the team, the Browns posted a .750 winning percentage.

When I first heard about the trade, I was driving home from work and admittedly shocked from hearing the news on the radio.  However, after a few minutes of mental reasoning, I came to terms with the trade.  My thoughts being that I was never a fan of the Richardson pick in the first place and with the way the league is putting such an emphasis on the pass, you would be silly to NOT take a first rounder for a running back.

A quarter of a season is a decent sample size to revisit the trade so below is a list of fun facts since the trade:

  • Richardson averaged 3.38 ypc for browns in first 2 games…. 3.13 ypc in 4 since then with Colts.
  • McGahee is only averaging .3 ypc less than Richardson
  • Both teams are 3-1 since the trade…yes; the Browns are 3-1 since the trade!
  • Richardson has only caught two passes of 23 total receptions by the Colts backfield.
  • Chris Ogbonnaya has more points in fantasy football PPR leagues than Trent does over the past 4 games…and only 2 less on the season!
  • Chris Ogbonnaya has scored the same amount of TDs (receiving and rushing combined) as Trent this season.
  • Indianapolis ranks 7th in the league with 4.7 ypc… backing out Trents numbers, they would be leading the league with 5.5 ypc.  Think he is skewing that a bit?
  • Trent hasn’t rushed for over 60 yards in a game this season.

If there is still anyone out there who thinks this was a bad trade for the Browns, I would love to hear your reasoning.  What pick in the first round do you think we will get with Indy’s pick?


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