Quarterback Options for the Browns in 2013

With the (finally) clearly established fact that Brandon Weeden is not an NFL starting caliber quarterback, the rumor mill has begun to churn out possible answers for the Browns woes if they wish to contend during the rest of the season.  Let’s take a look at some of the names being floated.

1.  Vince Young (Free Agent)

Vince Young was a highly touted quarterback coming out of college (Texas).  He was the starting quarterback for the Titans from 2006-2010, and played a year as a backup in Philly after that.  He hasn’t been active in the league in over the year, but has supposedly kept himself in game condition in the mean time.  The thing is, we have enough body of work to come up with a telling set of statistics for Young, and they aren’t what you’d want in a guy you were giving the keys to your football team.

60 755 1,304 57.9 8,964 6.87 46 73 51 19 58.1 74.4

Those are Young’s career stats.  Under 60% completions, 5 more INT’s than TD’s, and a tough to imagine 19 fumbles.  The thing is, you couldn’t expect a subpar quarterback to come in, learn and offense, and take over without any problems in the middle of the season.  I doubt Young gets the call from the Browns.

2.  Tim Tebow (Free Agent)

Ugh.  I hate that we have to talk about this, to be honest with you.  Tebow is garbage, at least as a quarterback.  If we were talking about bringing the guy in as a fullback or tight end, you’d get no gripes from me.  But holy hell is he a terrible excuse for a quarterback.  I get it.  Some of you like him.  He seems like a great kid.  However, you want your quarterback to be able to do certain things.  Like throw the ball, ever.  Just to back myself up with some stats here, lets look at the numbers:

35 173 361 47.9 2,422 6.71 17 56 9 7 33.4 75.3

Okay.  So where do we start?  The career 47% completion rate maybe?  That’s just so bad that I have a hard time even entertaining a debate on why we should bring Tebow in.  He’s not a quarterback.  He’s NOT a quarterback.  HE’S NOT A QUARTERBACK.  Sorry I yelled.

3.  Ryan Mallett (New England Patriots)

Finally we get to someone who might be a valid option to take over the reigns from Brandon Weeden.  Ryan Mallett, who has only taken 4 regular season snaps, has spent his 2 pro seasons backing up Tom Brady.  The thing that entices me about Mallett, other than having watched him play a bit in college, is that the Patriots have not been willing to trade him thus far.  Plenty of teams, the Browns included, have expressed interest in trading for Mallett, but the Pats have flatly rebuffed all suitors.  This makes me feel like they’re holding on to him for a reason.  Outside of that, Brian Hoyer played behind Brady, and a guy with the right drive can do well learning from one of the best of all time.  The problem here is that if they Pats are willing to part with Mallett, they’re asking price will be high, likely involving a high draft pick or Josh Gordon.  Still, the Browns should at least investigate and try and negotiate a deal here in my opinion.

4.  Tyler Thigpen (Free Agent)

I honestly can’t believe that the Browns haven’t contacted Tyler Thigpen yet.  I get some of the hesitance, as he’s spent a good deal of his career as a backup.  However, the one season he got the bulk of the starts in Kansas City, he did alright.  Lets look at the numbers from his 14 game season in 2008:

14 230 420 54.8 2,608 6.21 18 75 12 2 45.7 76.0

I see a couple things that I really like there.  His completion rate is a little low, but look at his TD to interception ratio (18-12), and his long TD pass.  Thigpen has the goods to fit into Chud/Norv’s vertical attack, and he’s got the composure/experience to lead the team on the field.  Its driving me a little crazy that no one has at least attempted to grab this guy.

5.  Zach Callaros (Toronto, CFL)

I know, I know.  What the hell am I thinking about bringing in a bush league Canadian Football League quarterback into the mix.  Haven’t I tried sending Tebow into exile to the CFL?  I get the concern, I really do.  But I’ve watch a little of this kids tape, and his stats don’t lie.

Team Comp Att % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
COLLAROS, Z 2012 TOR 7 11 63.6 101 21 1 9.1 0 0.0 123.7
COLLAROS, Z 2013 TOR 183 276 66.3 2,251 56 13 4.7 6 2.17 98
Career Total 190 287 66.2 2,352 56 14 4.9 6 2.1 99

Yup, a 66.2% career completion rate.  14 TD’s to only 6 INTs.  I got it, he’s in the CFL, I know, I understand that.  I don’t care.  Collaros reminds me a lot of what we saw from Brian Hoyer.  He’s fast, mobile, very accurate, and can put the ball down the field into receivers hands.  I’ll let the tape speak for itself:

College highlights

Game winning drive


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