The Browns Need To Bench Weeden Now

It’s not quantum physics really.  The Browns have a Wild Card caliber playoff team, outside of their quarterback.  This is one of those teams that have the chops on defense and special teams to win games of the offense can avoid turnovers and keep drives alive long enough to keep up in a field position battle. 

Brandon Weeden has proven that not only will he never be a high level QB in the NFL, he’s not even good enough to be a game manager you’re QB.  And the thing is, those types of quarterbacks are out there.  We probably have one on our own roster in Jason Campbell.  If he’s not up to the task, Tyler Thigpen might fit the bill. Outside of that, there are numerous trade options available for a team like the Browns who are stocked with draft picks. To grab a QB like we would need to get through this season without embarrassing ourselves, we wouldn’t need to give up much.

Weeden is just too unserviceable. It’s not fair to this team, which can win games, or to the fans, who deserve so much better than what this team has given them over the past 2+ decades. Benching Weeden is the only viable option if the team isn’t in tank mode. I get it. I’ve called over and over again for the Browns to dump Weeden. I said they should start McCoy over him. I said that they should trade for Alex Smith rather than risk being forced to start Weeden. I said in camp that they should start Campbell. I’ve said it again and again, because Weeden has yet to prove me wrong. The truth is that he can’t. And the sooner the team realizes that and moves on, the better.


One thought on “The Browns Need To Bench Weeden Now

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