Quick Review – Browns Lose to the Lions

Today the Browns lost to the Detroit Lions, 31-17.  Let’s look at why.

First, I’m going to hit the obvious.  Brandon Weeden was bad today. To me, he showed that he is what we thought he is.  A slow moving, slow throwing, poor decision making 30 year old, 2nd year baseball player.  The thing is, Weeden isn’t getting better.  If anything, I think he actually has regressed a bit.  He hasn’t gotten better at making quick, smart reads. He hasn’t gotten better at anticipating or avoiding the pass rush. He hasn’t gotten more accurate. He just is what he is. And what he is, at best, is a career backup. I’ve said the same things about Weeden for so long I’m getting bored hearing/reading myself say it.  The sooner the Browns move on from Weeden, the better.

This loss wasn’t all on Weeden, though he deserve the lions share of the blame. The defense looked the worst I can remember it looking this season. They simply imploded in the second half, it looked like Reggie Bush was doing anything he wanted. They didn’t put pressure on Stafford, and they did not do well in coverage.

The other big failures today came from at times awful play calling from Norv and Chud, and a couple of horrendously bad calls by the refs on major plays. The 1st pass interference penalty on Haden was a bad call, but the 3rd down catch that Little made that was ruled incomplete was unforgivable. In spite of everything, the Browns were very much alive at that point.

Still, the number one takeaway from this game is that the Browns either need to find an alternative for Weeden, or figure out a way to win around their quarterback. He’s not going to be helping this team.


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