Why I Hate Brandon Weeden

From the beginning, let me say that I’m being a bit hyperbolic when I say that I hate Brandon Weeden. I don’t take sports seriously enough to actually hate human beings because of their performance. I’m sure the Brandon Weeden is a great guy , as he is demonstrated by his charity work and generally nice personality.

So for the purposes of this article, assume for a moment that we are not talking about Brandon Weeden the man, but rather what Brandon Weeden has come to represent to me. You see,  I have been a Cleveland Browns fan for most of my life. I have witnessed all of the stupid mistakes, the let downs, the disappointments, the failures. And the thing is, there is a common pattern among all of them. And to me, Brandon Weeden is the living embodiment of them all. 

Brandon Weeden is who the Browns drafted when they needed a young franchise quarterback to build around. Immediately you see the problem, Brandon Weeden was going to be 29 years old before his first NFL start. And, what’s worse, they used a first round draft pick on him. First, no one in the NFL thought Weeden was a first rounder. Or second rounder. Or this round. Many experts questioned if he would be drafted at all. So the Browns passed on guys like Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon, and reached heavily to get Weeden. To make matters worse, at the time the Browns were trying to employ the West Coast offense, and Weeden was a known slinger. The parts of Weeden’s skill set that was attractive didn’t fit in any way with a West Coast offense. Accuracy and quick decisions are key to a West Coast system, and Weeden is wildly inaccurate and exceptionally slow in his release. So the Browns picked the wrong type of quarterback, way older than was viable, way earlier than he should have ever been taken. Do you see where this is headed?

So, to me, Weeden became the walking, talking example of why the Browns have been so bad for so long. He was not just a guy who didn’t pan out. He was someone who could NEVER pan out. He was doomed to fail before he ever even practiced with the team. We all still had (or have) to sit back and hope against all odds that it would work, even when logic and experience told us otherwise. Brandon Weeden is not the problem as much as he’s a symptom of the condition, which is the absurd stupidity of countless failed Browns regimes. And so yes, I’ve honestly wanted to see him fail. Not because he’s a bad guy or anything, but because the sooner he’s gone, maybe the sooner we can move on and try again.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Brandon Weeden

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