Browns News: Josh Gordon Could Face One Year Suspension

You read that right.  If Josh Gordon violates the League’s substance abuse policy (and gets caught) one more time, then he faces a full one year suspension.  A good reference is what’s happened with the Jaguars Justin Blackmon.  Blackmon was given several private warnings and fines, followed by a multiple game suspension similar to what Gordon has gotten now.  Finally, in his most recent incident, he was bumped to stage 3, or a full season ban fro, football.

Gordon is believed to be at the middle stage, the multi-game suspension.  In addition to the two game suspension, Gordon was also fined his entire salary for weeks three and four of this season.  Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has reported that Gordon has been given multiple warnings and fines prior to this, only those were done in private.  The next step in the leagues policy is a full season ban.  Gordon stated that this violation was an accident, stemming from codeine in a cough syrup he was taking.  Here’s hoping Gordon gets his act together, because the next violation, be it accidental or intentional, could be devestating to both his career and the Browns WR corps


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