One Pound Of Sadness: Why Nick Gilbert is the perfect hero for Cleveland

God loves Nick Gilbert. 

Of this there can be no doubt, as Nicky’s phenomenal luck has for the second time in three years secured the Cleveland Cavaliers the number one overall pick in the NBA draft.  Nick might have had to overcome a lot due to his health issues, but I think I can say with certainty that he has come to embody the long awaited karma for an entire city as much as anyone can.  Cleveland, the town of bad breaks and tough luck, where for so long we’ve waited for karma to swing back our way and wash away all the sports suffering we’ve had to endure.   This town deserves a hero, a living embodiment of our good karma made manifest.  That manifestation of good karma is Nick Gilbert.

Let’s look at facts.  In his personal life, Nick has beaten the odds over and over, enduring chemotherapy and other painful treatments to remove the tumors caused by his condition.  In the 2011 lottery, the pick that ended up being Kyrie Irving at number one overall, was a trade pick from the Clippers as part of the Baron Davis salary dump/trade.  It wasn’t supposed to be a top five pick, and it had ridiculously long odds on getting top three.  No one thought it was going to be the number one pick.  Yet, here comes Nick Gilbert, with his hand of luck and karma, and the Cavs landed their new superstar.  Nick also netted us the number four pick in that draft, who turned out to be Tristan Thompson, part of the talented young corps of the Cavs.  The following year, Nick’s luck seemed to buckle, but we still ended up with All-NBA Rookie team selection Dion Waiters, further deepening the Cavs talented young team.  Now, Nick has done it again.  With the number one pick in this years draft, the Cavs look to further build what could be a long term powerhouse. 

Guys already want to come play with Kyrie, and with such collection of talented young players, the Cavs are looking to turn around the disaster caused by Lebron bailing on us.   And when we look back at when it finally turned around, when karma finally paid us back for all the bad we’ve endured, we should remember one name.  Nick Gilbert.


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