One Pound of Sadness – Grading the Browns Draft

In this installment of One Pound of Sadness, I’m going to grade each draft pick individually, then give an overall grade to the total draft.

Round 1:
Pick: Barkevius Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU
Grade: A

Mingo is a beast.  Anyone who questions this pick because of his relatively low weight for a hybrid DE/OLB has never seen him play.  He’s got moves, he’s got incredible speed (4.52 40 time), and a vicious tenacity in pass rush.  He is a stud, and should immediately impact the Browns pass rush.

Round 2: 
Pick:  Josh Gordon, WR (supplemental pick in 2012)
Grade:  A+

Its kind of cheating, being able to evaluate Gordon’s selection in last years supplemental draft against his value as a 2nd rounder this season.  Look, I have no doubt if every team in the NFL knew going in to the draft that Gordon would be as good as he is, he would be a first round pick.  So, being able to get a first round talent for a second round pick is a win to me.  Gordon stands to be the Browns premier WR for years to come.

Round 3:
Pick:  Leon McFadden, CB, San Deigo State
Grade:  B-

I don’t love McFadden, but with a team so light on true CB talent, he should be able to fight for a starting spot.  Fortunately for McFadden, if he wins the job, he’ll have Joe Haden taking the heat off by covering opposing teams #1 WR’s.  I do think that we can expect McFadden to start, and comparing him to Brown/Skrine in the same spot, I think he’ll be an upgrade.  I doubt he’s going to dazzle us, but he should do alright.

Round 4 & 5:

Pick:  Traded down with Miami to aquire Devone Bess
Grade:  A+

The Browns aquired veteran WR Devone Bess, dropping a total of 11 spots in two rounds.  Bess is exactly what the Browns need at receiver, a proven veteran with top notch production to round out their receiving corps.  He’s a proven set of hands, excellent in the slot, and not actually giving anything up for him makes this move one of the steals of the draft in my opinion.

Pick:  Traded 4th Round Pick to Pittsburgh for 3rd Round Pick in 2014 AND 5th Round Pick to Indianapolis for 4th Round Pick in 2014
Grade:  A

Trading picks is never a fun thing to watch, but it made a whole lot of sense in this draft.  No sure fire talent was left by the time the Browns picks rolled around in the 4th round, so getting an upgraded pick from two teams in what is sure to be a deeper draft next year is golden.  Well played Brownies, well played.

Round 6:
Pick: Jamoris Slaughter, S, Notre Dame
Grade: C-

This is when the Browns started to go off the rails a bit. Slaughter is okay, not really good. He’s coming off missing all but three games last season from injury. I expect him to compete, but not start. He does little to add depth in my opinion.

Round 7:
Pick: Armonty Bryant, DT/DE/OLB, East Central (OK) University
Grade: F

Bryant was arrested, twice, in October for attempting to sell marijuana to undercover police officers. He also recently had labrum surgery. He has the raw materials, he’s 6’4″, 264 lbs, but has too much baggage, even for a 7th rounder. Bad call Browns.

Pick: Garrett Gilkey, OT, Chadron State
Grade: B

I really like this pick, and kind of feel like we stole Gilkey this late. He has the size, strength and skill set to move to Guard and possibly start this season for the Browns. There aren’t many 7th rounders who can say that they have a legit shot at starting their rookie season, thus the reason I feel the Browns got such a deal here.

Overall Draft Grade: B

This was a good, not great draft. The Browns added another fantastic pass rusher in Mingo, possible starters at CB and OL in McFadden and Gilkey, an elite WR talent in Gordon, a veteran WR in Bess, and 2 upgraded extra picks next year. The Slaughter pick is a little bit of a headscratcher (when Baccari Rambo was still available), and the Bryant pick is a little bit of a waste from my perspective. Overall though, the Browns did alright.


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