Shawn’s Picks: My Best Case Scenario For Free Agency

Tomorrow at 4:30 pm, free agency officially kicks off.  I’ll jump right in and give you my dream scenario of signings (I try and keep it within the realm of possibility here), and where I hope things stand heading into draft day.

1.  Dannell Ellerbe.  Ellerbe is ready to become a star, and the Browns could outbid the Ravens for him, even with their slightly increased cap space since trading Anquan Boldin.  Ellerbe is big, and one of few really good ILB’s in the NFL.  He’d go great next to Jackson.

2.  Cliff Avril.  Yeah, I’m pretty over Paul Kruger.  He’s going to cost too much money, he’s too risky, and I don’t like him working out long term.  Let Indy have him.  Avril has a ton of upside, and he’s going to be around for a while.  Definitely the kind of guy we can build around.

3.  Keenan Lewis and Greg Toler.  Lewis to start opposite Joe Haden, and Toler to get time in off the bench.  Lewis is developing into a stud, and Toler is in his prime. 

4.  Jared Cook.  He was soooooo terribly underutilized by the Titans.  If he gets paired up with Chud and Norv, he can be a constant All-Pro Tight End.  That should appeal to him, and hopefully get us a discount.

5.  Domenik Hixon.  I realize he hasn’t been mentioned in connection with the Browns at all, but this is my list.  Hixon is a solid 2nd tier receiver, and the Browns are so paper thin at WR.  It wouldn’t hurt to make Little have to produce to earn snaps, and would take some pressure off Gordon.  This draft is relatively light at WR, and our lack of a 2nd round pick means we probably won’t get anyone decent.

I realize my picks didn’t do anything to help improve the Guard spots on the o-line, but I’d look to the draft for that.  I’d like to see that #6 pick go to another pass rusher, and look later for offensive linemen.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes.  The anticipation is killing me.


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