Justin Masterson, Yan Gomes lead Cleveland Indians to 4-0 victory over Dodgers | cleveland.com

Justin Masterson, Yan Gomes lead Cleveland Indians to 4-0 victory over Dodgers | cleveland.com.


One thought on “Justin Masterson, Yan Gomes lead Cleveland Indians to 4-0 victory over Dodgers | cleveland.com

  1. It was a split-squad game against an NL team so it was easy pickings for him considering they’ll never be seen again in the season, but they SHOULD be and Masterson took care of that. He’s still at best a top 15 or so SP in the AL right now considering how deep some other teams are at #1-3, but some halfway decent run support for the first time in his career with the Indians would go a long way towards finally establishing himself. Great point in the comments section of that article about him being reunited with Francona from their time in Boston – I overlooked that.

    I don’t doubt Gomes will see some time at the ML level during the season and hopefully some of the young OF’s passing through for the ST experience if Brantley and/or Stubbs struggle, get hurt, etc. I’ve never been sold highly on Marson and part of why I think he’s been allowed to stay is to attempt to justify that the FO got SOMETHING in return for trading Cliff Lee. That and the Sabathia trade still exasperate me not because they weren’t necessary at the time but because they got practically nothing in return. Granted, Marson’s still young, but he hasn’t shown that he can hit with any consistency (much less authority) and isn’t all that outstanding defensively. “He can call a great game.” Ok, sure, but so should every catcher in the bigs as that’s part of the position. It’s almost like saying a 3B is very adept at fielding ground balls.

    The offense has been exceptional and the top 2 in the rotation look like they just might be getting back to form, but it’s all about April for me, though. You can count on one hand how many good starts this franchise has had over the past 13-15 years. Even when we had an All-Star at every position they were slow to get things rolling, and by comparison we had SP rotations that were about as equal to the one at present… maybe even better in some regards.

    Not putting the cart before the horse here and neither should anyone else. I’ll take a team that just plays good ball with the talent they have given first and is fun to watch before even thinking about entertaining contention possibilities. As I’ve mentioned before, the rest of the teams in the Central continued to make moves to get better (K.C. especially) and I don’t see the Twins being quite as terrible as they were last year if they can avoid the same onslaught of injuries.


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