Shawn Rants: On The Olympics Dropping Wrestling 2020

So, the International Olympic Committee recently announced that starting with the 2020 Olympic games.  Wrestling, the oldest known competition in Olympic history (one of the original events at the inaugural games in 1896, but traces its lineage to the original Olympics in ancient Greece), has a long storied history.  It is one of the most physically demanding events, as anyone who’s ever wrestled can tell you, and is one of my personal favorites.  Why does wrestling appeal to me and others so much?  Well, first, its a true demonstration of one on one, man versus man, intense competition.  Two competitors, head to head, until one emerges victorious.  Events like wrestling, the physical combat sports, are to me the most noble and manly events on earth.  They take not just physical strength and endurance, but skill, and most importantly, heart.  You have to be tough and have a “never quit” mentality to truly excel in these sports.

Seeing how Wrestling was dropped, lets look at some of the other events expected to return.  Badminton.  Equestrian (horse tricks for those not privy to fancy, rich folks type events).  Golf.  Judo.  Taekwando.  Table Tennis.  Sailing.  Trampoline.  And last but not least, the fruit cocktail that is Rhythmic Gymnastics.  THESE are the events that are in, while wrestling is out.  They drop the manliest sport, and keep Ping Pong.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!?!  This is absurdity to a whole new level.  I can’t even, just… AHHHHH.   You are killing me IOC.  Killing me.  First, even with “combative” type sports, you keep freaking taekwando, which is so laughably discredited in all fighting circles that its students have been effectively banned (self imposed, by the way) from participating in any full contact competitions.  Why?  Because Taekwando is a joke.  You’ll get crushed using that crap in real life.  Yet, its an Olympic sport over WRESTLING?  You’re kidding me.  And horse riding?  Seriously?  No one on earth watches that garbage.  Get out of here.  Wait, wait, it must be Badminton that you had to keep over wrestling, amiright?  The noble, ancient game of two scrawny men in nut hugging shorts smacking a shuttlecock back and forth while pretending to be athletes.  Has there ever been a stupider, more pointless waste of time than Badminton??  I hope you’re committee gets Ebola.

Way to go, IOC, you’ve made your crappy rigged games even more unwatchable.  Whats your next brilliant move, cutting all Track and Field events for a greatest baker competition?


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