The Pound Wants To Know – 1st Edition

The Pound Wants To Know:  How has Brandon Weeden looked during training camp?

Shawn Says:  Surprisingly good.  Granted, it’s the pad less, no hitting phase of camp, but his release has been snappy, accuracy has looked better, and his deep ball looks great.


The Pound Wants To Know:  How much should we be worried about Josh Gordon facing a full year suspension?

Shawn Says:  Eh.  It really depends on if Gordon is being truthful about the cough syrup thing.  He’s had positive drug tests before this, so its certainly worth being on edge about.  I like to think that losing four games worth of pay helps send the message that he needs to get himself away from all that crap.


The Pound Wants To Know:  Will Mingo start this season?

Shawn Says:  Anything is possible, but if I were Mingo I would be more focused on total sacks this season.  With his frame as it is, he’s going to be much better utilized on certain pass rush situations, rather than as an every down linebacker I think.  Once he fills out his frame a bit better, that could change, but for the time being I’d rather see him come in on pass rush downs.


The Pound Wants To Know:  The Browns never give Quarterbacks a shot.  How is it any different with Weeden?

Shawn Says:  Look, I’m not a big Brandon Weeden fan.  That said, Weeden is getting a more fair shake than any Browns QB in recent memory.  He got to play through his rookie season, and while he didn’t have a good coach/system to fit his skill set, he got the playing time and starting experience.  This off season, the team brought in probably the two best coaches to develop him and build a system suited to his talents.  They brought in a couple veteran receivers, putting the weapons around him that McCoy never had.  One way or another, the Browns will be able to make a fair decision on Brandon Weeden this season.


The Pound Wants To Know:  Can the Browns make the playoffs this season?

Shawn Says:   Can they?  Sure, anything is possible.  Will they?  I’d be surprised if they did.  This might be a bit of a separate issue, but I figure the Browns to be a slightly less than .500 team this season.  Think 6-10 or 7-9.  Could that swing an extra game, and the rest of the conference have an off year?  Sure.  I doubt it, but it could happen.  Either way, 7-9 is a big step up.

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