Reviewing Ohio State’s 4 Star Recruits, Part II, (Linemen)

Lets get into the offensive and defensive linemen that Ohio State brought in:

1.  Evan Lisle, Offensive Tackle

At a massive 6’6″, 275 lbs, Evan Lisle actually looks a little thin because of how tall he is.  As tall as he is, he does a great job getting low to take away any leverage advantage defensive linemen may have because of his height.  He has great feet, can move well laterally, and is very quick off the ball.  Because he’s got some weight to gain, look for him to develop his strength through natural conditioning at the collegiate level.

2.  Tim Gardner, Offensive Guard

Coming in at 6’5″ and a whopping 320 lbs, this is actually the trimmed down Tim Gardner.  He’s fairly athletic for his size, and has a ton of punch in initial contact.  A lot of natural strength with this kid.  That’s scary, because he really hasn’t been developed through a good strength and conditioning program yet, so look for him to really add some power to his already impressive athletic abilities.  I couldn’t find a set of his highlight videos, so enjoy these cats being adorable instead:

3.  Michael Hill, Defensive Tackle

6’2″, 305 lb Michael Hill is an extremely athletic defensive linemen who specializes in versatility.   His natural talents allow him to play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 type scheme, and he can play interior or exterior.  He’s quick off the ball, has an extremely quick first step, and gets into the backfield regularly.  While he has a ton of lower body strength, he’s going to need to develop his upper body strength in college (you’ll notice that trend amongst linemen a lot).  Here are his highlights:

4.  Billy Price, Defensive Tackle

At 6’3″, 285 lbs, Billy Price is remarkably quick.  He’s definitely going to need to work on his size and strength at the next level.  There wasn’t much available online in the way of a bio for him, so I took to watching film.  And I was impressed.  He’s extremely quick off the ball, makes great initial penetration, and has a fantastic second effort to get to the ball carrier.  He might be one of the most relentless young defensive lineman that I’ve watch.  He just does not quit.  He has a great vision, and look beyond blockers to keep the ball in his sight.  Watch how he does not bite on fakes and draws, and how he repeatedly fights through double and triple teams to get to the ball:

5.  Donovan Munger, Defensive Tackle

At 6’3″, 290 lbs, Donovan Munger makes it easy to think he’s a slow, lumbering lineman.  And this seems to be the false assumption most of his opposition are under, because he moves incredibly fast off the ball and really gets fast penetration.  He plays hard, and has good size.  Once he gets some coaching and time in a strength and conditioning program, he’s going to be a monster.  Watch:

6.  Tyquan Lewis, Defensive End

At 6’4″, 230 lbs, Lewis is one of the faster big men in this recruiting class.  He’s clocked at a 4.6 40, and played both linebacker and defensive end in high school.  He’s expected to take most of his reps on the line for the Buckeyes, but expect to see him run a few with the linebacking corp.  He’s fast, so very fast.  He’s quick off the line and does a great job moving past the tackles.  He’s probably going to need to bulk up if he wants to stay at DE for the NFL, but that shouldn’t be a problem in Ohio State’s program.  Watch:


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