What If The Browns Spent Money This Year?

What if Browns spent money this year?

Who would you want? Remember that we have the second most cap room in the NFL.

My Wish List:
– Greg Jennings (or possibly Bowe but I believe he’ll stay in KC)
– Darelle Revis (The Jets are feeling out the market)

Imagine a defensive back field with Joe Haden and Revis, then our first round pick would be used on a slam dunk guard making up a top 5 offensive line.

Would you use a first round pick and large contract on a QB?  Who would you want? Alex Smith?

My opinion is unpopular. I don’t “love” Brandon Weeden, but I do like him enough to give him another season. If you hated him there is still no argument that he is at least “capable” of being an NFL QB, and we know he can make all the throws. If Joe Flacco would really consider leaving the Ravens I would say okay let’s give up our first rounder and give this guy big money. Alex Smith has been average at best, and he has been fragile (only play 2 entire seasons out of 7).  So if you hate Brandon Weeden and you love Alex Smith, even if Alex was our starter we would probably still see Brandon play in 2013.

Reply below with:
You are Michael Lombardi.

Who do you want to sign during free agency?

Who do you draft in the first and third (we have no picks in the second round) rounds?


4 thoughts on “What If The Browns Spent Money This Year?

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  2. Do you think there is a possibility of Jennings coming to CLE? Revis would be nice, but we need to focus on defensive line and linebackers with the 3-4 switch in my opinion.

    If I’m Lombardi I’m taking Ezekiel Ansah out of BYU or Damontre Moore from Texas A&M. Both are DE/OLB hybrids that sound like they could fit our defensive scheme.

    I also have my eye on Anthony Spencer out of Dallas, who had a phenomenal year, and Paul Kruger from a Baltimore team that needs more cap space.


    • I’ve heard Jennings was tweeting back and forth with Miami’s head coach saying he wanted to play there. They were together in Green Bay for a while. That said, I think money will talk, but I don’t know if Cleveland wants to risk overpaying on someone on the back half of their career.

      I think Moore is WAY undervalued. He’d probably be a steal if we got him.

      I’m dying to see if they make a play for Anthony Spencer. He would immediately upgrade our LB corps, especially moving to the 3-4. He’s a heck of a player. I think whether or not they get Spencer will determine if they take Mingo or Milliner in the first round.


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