Reviewing Ohio State’s 5 Star Recruits

The Buckeyes landed four 5-star recruits this National Signing Day.  Let’s dig in and see what these four kids are bringing to the team.


1.  Mike Mitchell, Linebacker.

At 6′ 4″ and 225 lbs, Mitchell is a monster.  What makes him special is his 40 time, which is listed at 4.39.  That’s sick.  A kid that big who can move that fast is destined to create chaos all over opposing offenses.  He’s aggressive, highly athletic, and extremely fast (not even just for his size).  His only caveat is some issues in pass coverage, but that can probably be chalked up to youth and lack of experience.  Need more convincing?  Check out his highlight reel:


2.  Vonn Bell, Safety

Vonn Bell was without doubt the biggest steal the Buckeyes pulled off this NSD.  He was expected to commit to either Alabama or Tennessee, though most reports had him going to Alabama.  At 6′, 190 lbs, he’s a little small, but he makes up for it in speed.  He’s fast.  Very fast.  His ability to close and quickly cut into passing lanes makes him lethal in sideline and middle of the field passing situations.  If a QB lofts the ball at all, you better believe Bell is going to get hands on it.  Speaking of which, he has great hands, and is a heck of a ball hawk.    Enjoy his highlights:


3.  Joey Bosa, Offensive Lineman

At 6’5″, 270 lbs, Joey Bosa gives the impression that he might not have the speed to get off the ball fast.  That assumption is likely to get you sacked or tackled behind the line however, as Bosa has shown time and time again a remarkable quickness for someone so big.  He also has excellent technique and moves to shuck and shirk off would be blockers.  He is also known for a high degree of intensity, and a lot of heart/endurance.  His only draw back is a tough time in lateral moves, but again that can be coached out of him.  Here are some highlights:



4.  Jalin Marshall, Wide Receiver

At 6’1, 190 lbs, Marshall is a standout athlete from Middletown, Ohio.  Though he played Quarterback in High School, he’s going to be playing Wide Receiver for Ohio State.  That means that he’s going to need some coaching on route running, but that’s an easy fix.  His natural abilities with regards to balance, change of direction and body control indicate that it should not be difficult to work out, as he is exceptional in these areas.    He is highly competitive, and is one of the most dangerous players in the country after the catch.  Most of his highlights are as a QB, but he can get a pretty good idea of why he’s so dangerous once he gets an opening:





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